With a Travail of the Spirit

January 4, 1983


I saw Christ with a gold medallion around his neck. He took it off and put it around Kale's neck.  I had seen a real light pink and gray before.  When I saw Kale, I saw like a gray taffeta suit with real big sleeves and a pink shirt.  The medallion hung clear down into the middle of his chest.  It was on some kind of big ribbon.


Rose, I see you with a long pink gown, real pale pink.  It has a real high collar that stands up and goes up the back of your hair.  It has accordion pleats all around the collar and it goes all down the front.  It has real big sleeves, tight at the elbows, and then tight with those pleats, and a huge big skirt with big overskirts in the back, and a big, big, big, pink bow in the back.


Kale, You've been anointed kingThe inheritance has been passed on.


ROSE, you've been crowned.  I see so many rubiesI see baskets of rubies.  They are just pouring out of the baskets.


Blow ye the trumpet in Zion!  Yea, the earth is thine to do as thou see fit. Yea, I come crying in the wilderness. Yea, I come to announce thee.  Yea, I call thy name to the nations of the earth.  Yea, I come to announce thee!  Yea, I count myself not worthy to loosen thy shoe latchet, for thou art as obedient as I am in the Father.  For yea, thy purpose in the earth is only to glorify the Father of all: Creator and Master of the earth.


Yea, I deal with thee as my equal.
For yea, what I have give I unto thee.
And yea, flower of the earth, do as thou wilt.