With a Travail of the Spirit 2

January 4, 1983


I saw Christ hand something gold to Kale.  It was real ornate.  He put it in his right hand.  It was about, it seemed, to be a little bigger at one end.  It must go along with the medallion somehow.  In your left hand, he put a lamp.  He handed you a lamp, a handle in your left hand.
All night, I have heard you continuously sing “Great and Mighty” over and over and over and over.  I saw again just now, the tail of an airplane against a midnight blue sky.  The tail was a golden color.  The airplane just landed.  It looks like there is darkness on one side, maybe in the east, and still sunlight in the west.  I see dark and light at the same time as if the sun was setting.  It was shining on the tail of the jet.


Yea Kale, the arm that reaches for thee shall be cut off.  The hand that tries to touch thee shall wither, for my Spirit doth heavily rest on thee and thou art called unto me.  I have a small thing against thee:  yea, I would that thou would speak my word; I would that thou hold not back.  Within thee, I have put compassion, but yea, speak when I tell you to speak.


But thou art pure before me and innocent in all thy way.  I look on thee as a newborn babe, free of sin, yea, and pure.  I call unto thee and thou dost answer.  I speak unto thee and thou dost hear.


Worry not.  Yea, worry not about circumstances that befall thee.  Yea, all is in my hands.  The time cometh when I shall reveal unto thee the course that thou must take.  Soon I shall speak unto thee, but the time is not yet.  Thy direction and thy course shall be made plain, but a work must be done first.


I would that none would perish.  Be thou patient, be thou longsuffering, but be thou firm, for thou art called unto me.  Thou art mine: chosen, created for my purpose, holy and acceptable unto me, cleansed and pure.  To thine hands will I put much authority.  I have not yet revealed unto thee the magnitude of thy call.  Be thou patient.  Out of the lamp I put in thy left hand shall come a mighty whirlwind and the revealing shall begin.  In the midst of the whirlwind shall be a fire.  The world shall see.  Stretch forth not thine hand too soon.  Be thou patient.  I will reveal unto thee the time.  I will show thee the place.  But into thine hand it be.


Wrestle not with these things.
For all things cometh in their time.
Thou shalt know.
I am able.
But out of thine hand it shall be.