Two Are One

January 22, 1984 

A Church Elder Speaks (he opens up a white sheet and waves it around.)
God's not going to make a show of this.  It's not going to be with great light.  It's going to be simple.  It's going to be a new thing: a new and white and clean.  It's going to be new – something that hasn't been done before.  It's going to be brand new, just freshly taken out.  And even in this new thing, remember the handkerchief, the white handkerchief.  Remember how it's grown.
But I’m going to do a new thing.  Remember it well. Cause I’ll do a new thing in the earth and in our midst.  And it first must begin at the house of the Lord.  So remember.  (He lays the sheet on Rose.)  Remember this well; it will be a new thing.  Remember, remember.  (He waves a white handkerchief.)  This is not going to be a show of lights.  It's not going to be a great demonstration as it were.  But it's going to be a simple thing, simple linenSimpleness (Elder and Kale fold up the sheet like a flag.)


She is not dead; she is on the arm of her beloved.


When he was waving the white sheet, I felt, “the shroud.”


None of us will ever come into our callings if she doesn't go.  We’ll be a bunch of turkeys.  We’ll never grow into that place.  Rose has to go the highest and the furthest and make the way.


The body has to come to love me as they love Rose.  Because if they don't, when Rose goes, they won't hear me.


God says you have to receive whomever I send.  Your salvation will be in his hands, because God has passed that mantle on to him.


God is showing all this to Kale because our salvation is in his hands when Rose leaves.  He's always shown her.  Now he shows Kale.


Kale will lead, not by the authority of Kale, but of Rose.  It will be Rose.


We are one spirit.