The Vision

August 14, 1982


It was real dark, like trouble was coming.  Then I saw Oregon.  It was under water part way.  (It was so easy to miss it because we were doing flesh things.  Everything was going on.  We were just walking with Rose.)  Everything was going like this, but we were building and restoring Oregon.  Rick and Steve were carrying the Ark.  They were walking on top of water and logs.  Everything was steady.  There was no rush and no slowness.  We were walking along and Rose said, “Fix this.  Do this.  Fix this.”  She was setting things in order.  I saw an Oregon lawman in his suit with no authority.  He had his head down in utter despair.  We walked by and he didn't even look up.  (I felt life being drained out of me during the whole experience.)


I saw faces flash before me of people in the body. Not everyone was there.  There was a whole differentness about Rose.  She had come into that place already.  She walked into a safe.  It was all lit, but there was no light in it.  There was no shadow.  Everything was precise; all the colors and everything were real clear.  The walls were so white.  This was a safe place.  It was Rose's destination.


I then walked away from that place and saw a bunch of trees, and the sky was all black like velvet.  There were no stars.  I could see the top of the trees.  I then saw a door in the heavens.  It was all straight.  There were no curves in it.  It went behind the trees.  Past the door was a bright lightIt opened into the heavensRose went through that door.  I couldn't see past that because of the clouds.  Beyond the clouds was so white.  It disappeared.  I cried, “Oh God, bring it back.”


And then another door opened.  It was way up.  It was a full door.  Everything was so sharp.  It almost lit the whole earth.  Light was coming out.  I knew that Rose was spirit.  I knew that it was time for the sons to come forth and her spirit was everywhere.  That one little light lit the whole earth.  It was so bright.  Then the door got smaller like a little box.  Just as it about disappeared, behind the trees went fireworks, stars.  That lit up the whole earth again.  All the colors were white!  Each of the stars represented a sonIt all came because of what preceded it in the door.  That had to come first.  The trees were black like the sky.


The Heavens are open to her