Life In Her

November 24, 1982


Yea, the disciples said, “No Lord, you cannot die,”
and Christ rebuked Satan.


Yea, even so is it today.  Yea, Rose shall suffer and be dragged into the streets and the mobs shall scream, “Crucify her!”  Yea, and the disciples ran and were worried and about gave up.  Yea, this is a type and a shadow.  Shall ye give up when Rose is taken from you?  Know that it is the worst trial you face.  Shall ye deny me as my disciples did in that day?  Yea, this is when my Army rises up to go to battle.  Yea, this is when I call twelve legions of angels to slay the wicked ones.  Yea, the time is at hand.


Rise up! Be ready! The hour is nigh.
Yea, I shall appear to thee as I did to my disciples.
Yea, it was a type and a shadow.
Rose shall appear and disappear and walk through walls.
Believest thou this?


February 29, 1984


Yea, the cot that men would say thou layest on that would carry thee out shall not be a cot.  It shall be a chariot.  They would think a cot.  I would say a chariot.  The horsemen driveth for thee. I cometh in a chariot for thee.  I take thee awayI must. I shall put a new ring upon thy finger. I take thee away.  And there shall be a trembling and the heavens shall be shaken and the earth shall be dark and the stars will not give forth their light, and men's hearts shall fail them for fear.  But I take thee because thou shalt come in the dawning of the day and brightness of that light in my glory.  Thou shalt come and bring forth the dawning of the new day which already is, yet has not broken forth in the light.  When the sun cometh up, which thou art, then shall the darkness be dispelled.  Thou shalt break forth as the morning.  Thou shalt sing the song of the dove, but first,


I take thee away.
And fear shall come, and shaking and quaking.
But thou shalt dispel the darkness upon thy return.
And men shall say truly my light has come.


November 11, 1984


In the day of trouble, in the day of separation, in the day we are scattered, THOU SHALT VISIT US.  In a time when we are gathered in a room even as Christ came in the midst of the disciples after the resurrection, thou shalt come.  And they were astonished.  And even as he showed them his nail scarred hands, so shall we run unto thee to see thee.


Thou shalt never die, yet we shall see thee.
Thou shalt eat.  Thou shalt glory.


If they have seen thee, they've seen the Father.  And thy raiment shall change and thine hair shall glow afresh and thou shalt be scented with a new scent.  I've grown spices and scents in a container and grown them especially for you.