A Judas Heart

The Word of the Lord Against the Associate Minister

July 25, 1977


Because, Phillip, thou has chosen thyself to be a Moses and I, thy Lord, has insisted and called thee forth to be an Aaron, thou shalt surely have the reward of Moses for thine own.  Thus saith God, who is I am who I am: thou man of war, thou man of men, who seeketh to stand in the holy place when I have not of yet invited thee, thou, Phillip, shall sit on the banks of Jordan and weep as my people enter into my holy of holies.  Thou shalt not set thy foot or thy family's foot within my rest, my high calling unto the elect of the Most High God.  I most surely did call thee unto greatness, but thou hast chosen to sit in the first place without thy wedding garment, for thou hast dressed thyself in thy own will and hast perfumed thyself with thine own sweat.  And thine own children, thou hast pushed into my presence without waiting for my call.


Thou hast sickened me with thy Judas heart and caused me to call thee by another name.  For thou art a clown standing in the house of mirrors and thou shalt be now a drunkard in a whirlwind.  Thou wast once an eagle risen to high heights, glory and revelation, but thou art now a chicken hawk preying on foul meat.  Yea, for thine meat has been not my Father's will but thine own.  Thou art pushed out of my sight.  Minister in the outer court.  Thou canst come no closer.  And I shall take from thee thy revelation, and thou shalt speak no more in my name lest I cast thee out completely where only the dogs and murderers be.


For thus saith the Lord, Counsellor and Prince of Peace, TruthI have waited on thee and thou hast not waited on me.  Flesh to flesh, ashes to ashes, thou hast chosen thy seat and it be a seat of another.  Leave thou my feast of love, for my Father's inner court be not even for thee.  Leave my people alone, lest I smite thee as the desert sun does dry up the last inch of water at noon.


And let this be known to all who come unto you to seek understanding and wisdom.  This same denouncement shall be theirs if they listen to thy words, for thy words be dust to the stomach and poison to the thirst.  And if any man seeketh thy counsel, thy words shall be carrion to thyself.  Let thyself stand still like Mary and in time, I shall call thee once again to myself.  For thou canst never fly any higher than the chicken hawk and go no further than the banks of the Jordan.


I have spoken, so let it be.
In my solemnness, I decree this to be so.
Thus speaketh thy Lord and God.
Amen. Amen. And Amen.