Her First Message

Her call was as Moses.

Rose was 71 years old when God spoke to her a new order. Her strength had not diminished, neither had her beauty. Her understanding of Life would stand for all ages: And against every false doctrine.

God’s Order for the Sons of God is as the tablets: directly from God. As the Lord God spoke to Moses on the mount, so did he speak to Rose these seventeen points to Perfection.

This is the change from the church realm to The Kingdom; from servant to Son.

Rose’s First Message

Jesus; Comforter; Father


This is Rose’s first message delivered to the Church, while it was a Bible study.
The date was May 13th, 1979

There is a New order. I know it in the Spirit. I don’t know too much about it, but I know in the Spirit that the Lord is bringing forth an entirely New Order for those that are in this kingdom realm with him: they are coming into the kingdom realm. It’s a quietness and a strength, a greater strength than we have ever known in the past in the Spirit.

He is a quiet God. He says to wait before him and to prove him, to let him. To have confidence. To have faith in God. We have to be careful lest we become worshipers after idle worship. I do not mean “idol” like “worshiping idols,” but just meaningless worship, where neither those in the group receive anything from it, nor does God receive glory for it. Remember, the flesh profiteth nothing unless the flesh is moved on by the Spirit; then will you have a manifestation of the flesh as God moves upon you with his anointing. But to just stand or sit and just TRY to manifest the flesh to make the Spirit move is not the way to do it. Let the Spirit move and he will manifest himself. This has always been there, but maybe he’s revealing it now, in this hour. God is a God of variety. And you don’t go to sleep when the Spirit of God is moving. Because he’s a quickening Spirit, and he’ll make you alive.

The first thing that God gave me is this:

1Most flesh manifestations in the meeting are under control.

There’s a growing in the Spirit. I can see the growth in the Spirit, because we are being settled and compacted and becoming strong. And the things that you once could not overcome, I see God overcoming: because we find out we do not go by feelings, but we go by faith in the Son of God – and by the Spirit. It is not by our fleshly manifestations: that profiteth nothing. But it is by the Spirit that we grow. The church world has taught us that the more you jump, the higher you jump, the louder you squeal, and the more you yell, the more righteous you are. That’s a lot of hogwash. That is absolutely against the Word of God. That has nothing to do with it. I have watched some preachers that were out sleeping in bed with some woman (and their wives back home), sleeping in a bed in a motel somewhere, go out and preach and jump and holler and yell, and I know what their lives are. I thought, “God that’s not you,” even though some of it was truth that they were preaching. And the people received because it was the word of God.

This Order that God is bringing in now — is for keeps. This is the end times, the building of a new order, of perfecting of the order that he had. This is coming in for keeps. This is the final windup of bringing man back to his place and reinstating him in the order that he intended him to be in in the beginningwhen he will rule and reign over all the works of the hands of God. Amen.

The Lord had called a halt and a quietness to come in our group to where everybody was even afraid to say anything, almost. We’re loosening up a little bit now. But I thank God for that because I know it was the Spirit of God that wanted to call a halt to all of this – that he can build now on a new order. But first….

2We must have a breakthrough into the real overpowering power of the unlimited resources of God.

I know he wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t possible to achieve: to have a breakthrough into the real overpowering of power: this is a power that overcomes everything, everything, completely: the power of God to overcome everything, not only out here in the world, but a breakthrough in us – in our spirit: that we would have power to overcome everything in our lives. We’ve got to have that kind of a breakthrough to where the flesh has no hindrance over us whatsoever. And he told me how we’re going to receive this, in a measure. The time must come when we’ll break through in faith to God: to where we can receive this power.

Now we’ve had little sprinklings, and we’ve had showers, and we’ve been changed and we’ve been lifted up in heavenly places with the Lord. We’ve had dreams; we’ve had visions; we’ve been carried out in the Spirit, and we’ve prophesied, and we’ve done all of these things, and thank God for it. We’ve had power to cast out Satan. Thank God for all of that, but that’s still in a lower realm. He said we must break through into the real overpowering power of the unlimited – unlimited – resources of God.

That blows your mind doesn’t it, that we can come into that place: where the unlimited resources of God are now. He’s still creating: God is still creating in the heavenlies. He didn’t stop creating. We are still discovering things that are new. We know that he is recreating bodies (restoring us in health). Otherwise, I would be dead!

What’s going to happen when we break through into the unlimited power of God? We know that it’s coming; that’s the promise of God. We are heirs and joint heirs with Christ, and he has stepped into that unlimited power. He said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Well, if we’re heirs and joint heirs with him, then we are to receive that same power.

3We must now learn to build back the manifestation of the Spirit in truth according to the Spirit.

Remember what he said, He’s going to build this people to go in and possess the land, so we can’t be like other people. Now I’m sure there are other groups like us, but he has put us together for a purpose. So he says we must now learn to build back the manifestation of the Spirit in truth according to the Spirit! That’s going to take some doing, isn’t it? Of course, once we come to that breakthrough – that unlimited breakthrough – we won’t have to worry about that because we’ll just automatically do the will of God. All of the flesh desires and things will be gone, and we’ll just move by the Spirit.

We can’t move in the old order any more. We’ve come to that time, would you believe it? I’ve waited a long time for this (not knowing), and here he’s giving me instruction. I’d go home and I’d bawl, because all of us that enjoy the freedom of this, tongues and everything, which is so beautiful and it would lift us up in the Spirit, then God started laying the hammer down. I’d say, “Lord, they’ll all leave.” And he’d say, “Leave that to me; that’s my problem.” That’s God’s problem, see. Now tongues are still good. I’m not discounting them, but we have to know what they’re for, and how to operate them under the anointing of the Spirit, not use them in the flesh to try to bring the anointing. But when the anointing comes upon us, then we’re free because it will be right: after the order of the Spirit.

But the thing – now – that God is going to start doing is teach us the order of the Spirit. Won’t it be a glorious day when we really come in to that perfect order of the Spirit, where he can just manifest himself? Oh, once in a while it might be kind of noisy when there has to be some ministering in the Spirit, but I believe mainly it’ll be so sweet and so beautiful, so Christ-like! In such power and glory that you won’t hardly have to say a word. It will just be — by the Spirit. Maybe the Spirit will just give someone a direction in the Spirit and we’ll know by the Spirit what he wants, because it won’t be us that is speaking: it will be him. We’ll know just by the Spirit as he leads us. We’re going to come into one of the most beautiful manifestations of the Spirit of God, in that purity and cleanness and beauty and love – that no man has ever attained to — if they’ll follow, if they’ll follow this. As I said before, this is the final windup of all of this now. He’s starting to train a people how to possess the land.

We have never tasted joy, we have never tasted peace or revelation, yet, like he’s going to have it. He’s preparing us now, so we won’t go wild, but we will quietly wait until we know what the manifestation of the Spirit is, and we won’t take it and run with it; but we’ll be prepared to know exactly what he wants with us: Because God is a God of order and beauty.


4Each one of us must individually seek God until we know what God’s will is for us, and what our ministries are.

Everybody has a ministry here in this room; everybody has some type of ministry. Every one. How many actually know for sure – exactly – what your ministry is? That’s the way it goes; that doesn’t surprise me. We haven’t been taught. Don’t be embarrassed about it. God will reveal it in his time. You see, if he’d reveal our complete ministries ahead of time, we’d run off and try to do it and mess it all up. We’d just mess everything all up after the flesh. We’d get the flesh in there and try to fulfil it. So we must seek God until we hear from him ourselves, individually. If you want to know something, don’t ask your neighbor, ask God. He’s well able; he’s well able to talk to you. He likes to talk to you. He’s just waiting to get the chance. We’re so busy and so full of ideas, and running everywhere else to find out “answers from God,” that he just shuts his mouth and sits there and lets you run. It’s the truth! That’s the truth. We’ve never really given him a chance to answer us. Somehow we think that God will speak to Joyce or Marilyn or Don or any one of us quicker than he’ll speak to you. Now that’s ridiculous.

If you’re walking before God with all your heart – and you have a need – don’t you suppose your heavenly Father wants to reveal it to you? Now I’m not eliminating the Body of Christ (because we do minister one to the other), but I believe that when you really have something that you need to hear from God for — he’s going to answer you. But you know what happens? We get all upset, and we want “answers,” and we run off at the mouth. Everybody knows our problems. Everybody’s got an answer. And God does not have a chance to say a word. Isn’t that the truth? I’ve done it. I think we’re all flesh. Every one of us came out of Adam, with Adam’s nature – every one of us! I’m not saying that you’re not supposed to talk to one another about your problems, but if you want an answer: go to God. The sweetest thing you’ll ever hear is when you know that God spoke and you can say, “I know it’s the truth! God spoke it.”

When we get answers from someone else beside God, it usually brings confusion to our minds. He’s smart: he knows the answers. Running usually brings confusion. But when the anointing comes on somebody and God moves by his Spirit, then you can take that as from God, because it’s God speaking. But unless somebody’s in the Spirit (and I know the Spirit) and the anointing of God is on them, I don’t want their answers. I don’t want to hear it. That’s why I don’t go to people. I have problems just like everybody else. Because: human minds bring confusion to your mind when you come to them with questions (or needing answers) unless that one is under the anointing of God. It just naturally brings confusion.

5When we get answers from anyone but God, or through others, it usually brings confusion unless it is given under the heavy anointing of the Spirit when only truth is spoken.

Where, or when only truth is spoken – under that heavy anointing! And you’ll know it in your heart: when it’s true; you’ll know that it’s God. You’ll know by the tone. You’ll know by the Spirit. You’ll know it, when it’s under the heavy anointing of the Lord. You can’t mistake it. You can take it as truth from God. But when it’s after the flesh…. We get ourselves into more difficulty and more trouble by trying to receive answers after the flesh from one to the other: it’s the truth! It really is the truth!

Nearly every one of us is guilty of this at one time or another. We’re looking for help – and we don’t know where to go. We’re so confused in ourselves that we go and seek fellowship one with the other: first thing you know, the thing that’s on our heart is out. You see, out of the heart the mouth speaketh.


So what’s in our heart comes out of our mouth. You can camouflage it for a little while, but if you talk for a little while with somebody, you’ll find out what’s on the heart. But when we go through a problem, look to God in your secret closet, and say, “God, you reveal it to somebody. Let them know what I’m suffering. Let them know what I’m going through. Give them the answer, Lord. If you don’t want to speak to me directly, then give somebody else the answer.” And if it’s never been out or been circulated, then you’ll know it’s from God when it’s spoken. This is some of the new order that he’s trying to bring us into. We’re going to be a brand new people when he’s through. God is doing this because he loves us so.

Now there is a manifestation of the flesh and there is a manifestation of the Spirit. How are you going to keep that where it’s the two? How are you going to know when it’s Spirit and when it’s flesh? I mean as individuals, ourselves. This flesh is such a deceiver. I’ve said myself, “I just KNEW that was God that wanted me to do that,” but it didn’t work out. “I just KNOW that was the will of God, what happened?” It wasn’t God.

6There is a manifestation of the flesh and there is a manifestation of the Spirit. The flesh must be under control of the Spirit at all times, especially where we’re dealing with others.

We must know that the Spirit is in control, or keep our mouths shut! You see, we love people, we try to help one another and that’s good, but it’s not good if we give them a flesh answer. I repeat: it is not good if we give a flesh answer. Now, if we can learn to control the flesh by the Spirit; if we can seek God and cry out to God until we can break through in a measure into this unlimited power of God, we’re not going to have this problem any more. He told me the Spirit without the flesh is nearly useless. Isn’t that a strange thing for the Lord to say? He’s all powerful!

7But the Spirit of God without the flesh is almost useless, as God has chosen mankind to overcome and minister. This was his plan.

Now the flesh is no good without the Spirit; absolutely no good without the Spirit, as far as God is concerned, for any use to him. But the Spirit is almost useless without the flesh, because we have to hear the Spirit. If somebody’s speaking, we have to recognize it: we have to discern what we hear – by the Spirit. We have to have a voice to speak out what God says to us. We have to walk when he sends us, or drive or whatever. So he has chosen to put his Spirit within earthly vessels to deliver the Spirit where he wants it. But this shocked me when he said, “The Spirit without the flesh is nearly useless.” Although the Spirit fills the earth. But if you’re not aware of it… He said, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word.” You’ve got to have ears to hear. You have to hear with this ear first before you can hear with your spiritual ear, right? So you see, he didn’t only save the soul, but he saved the body, soul and spirit – all three. Makes us complete. He hasn’t quite got this flesh under control yet, but it’s coming. But still, in order to hear, you have to have flesh ears. What good would it do if the Spirit was out there, if you never heard about the Word, if you didn’t have ears to hear? It’s according to the Scripture. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word! This Word! You have to have eyes to see to read the Word (unless you know Braille). But I’m talking about a normal human being.


Now I know the Lord can speak audibly (because he’s spoken audibly to me several times, and I thank God for it, and I’m not saying it boastfully), but he has chosen man from when he first created Adam, to rule and to reign over all of the works of his hands. He gave him the earth and told him to dress it and keep it. But he disobeyed. Now he’s bringing back a people again that’s going to rule and reign over the earth and dress it and keep it. This is what it’s all about. This is in his plan. Also, the flesh without the Spirit is almost useless. God has chosen to use the Spirit through these worthless earthen vessels.

8The flesh vessels must be emptied out and cleaned before the Spirit will manifest himself through us in this new order about to be revealed.

Remember, you can’t put new wine in old bottles, so there’s got to be a change somewhere, in us. I don’t know how the Spirit’s going to do it, but I know that he said that the old vessels must be emptied out completely, and cleaned – cleaned, cleansed, completely pure – before the Spirit will manifest through us in this new order about to be revealed. God has great things for us! That makes me real excited. And I just get a real settled peace in my heart, knowing that God said it and he’s going to do it. I don’t know one thing to do: only to obey what he told me to do. Tomorrow I don’t know. I don’t care. But today, right now, this minute, just be willing to let him empty you out – all self is gone: everything, all your will, whatever it is, and then let him wash you. Because we can’t wash ourselves. We can’t cleanse ourselves. We can go as far as we know to go, by laying down the things that he’s laid his hand upon in our lives. But we don’t know really how to cleanse ourselves, and he does. We must empty out this vessel and clean it — before the Spirit will manifest through us in this new order about to be revealed. So what is this new order? We know what the new order is: ruling and reigning with Christ on the earth, and the kingdom of God: Christ our head, and us ruling and reigning as a body, as one body — as the body of Christ — ruling and reigning on the earth!

9God has promised unlimited power to those who qualify and ready themselves in these last days at this time.

Every one of us. And every one of us can qualify. Before a race they have these time trials. That’s what we’re in right now. We’re either going to make it or we’re going to be rejected, one of the two. I mean it, and so does God. We’re in the time trials now. You have to come up with certain qualifications to go on in, to run the race. Paul says, I run the race – what? — to win. And God is a just God and a gentle God, but still a God of wrath. As long as you have that desire in your heart to make it and to go on and be willing to do what he asks us to do, he’s not going to forsake us.

God has promised unlimited power to those who qualify and ready themselves in these last days. Now, here are some of the things he spoke to me. He’s offering us creative power, unlimited discernment, unlimited knowledge, unlimited healing power, to be translated, transported, transcending into the very power and presence of God Almighty himself. Now did you ever hear of such promises to human beings in your life? Not laying in jail in a hole somewhere, but to be transformed and transcended into the very power and presence of God himself: into the fulness of the glory of God. For obedience, that’s all; just for obedience.

It looks like God is just saying, “Look at the two comparisons. Look what I’m offering you. This or that: which one do you choose?” We would rather have our little petty feelings to pamper and to do our own thing. I take it serious when God speaks to me something like this; it’s just as serious as what I read out of this Book. And every word that’s been spoken today you can find in this Book, if you know the Word of God.

All limitations of the flesh gone. This is the Word. This is the Word. God. Christ himself. This word: all limitations of the flesh gone, and God himself takes over the flesh by his Spirit. This flesh will have all the limitations taken off of it. Now what do we see? We can see this far, that’s true; half discernable. But when the Spirit takes over, there will be complete discernment in all things, in all of the handiwork of God: in every thing. We’ll see every need of everybody. We’ll know where to go, what to do, because the Spirit of God will move upon us, and we will obey the Spirit. But we have to first put this body under subjection, this flesh. Complete authority over all sickness, disease, death, kingdoms, Satan, governments, cities, wickedness, and power over all flesh. And when he said that, I knew I was hearing from God, because the Lord, Jesus Christ, said that he had power over all flesh. And that is our inheritance. That was his inheritance. This is why he suffered on the cross, that he might obtain that, for the joy that was set before him, knowing that he was going to get filled with all the fulness of God.

10He said, “This will cost you something, to receive this.”

This is what he’s offering. But he said this will cost you something. Every flesh desire must be under the sanction and authority of the Spirit. We’re stuck with these flesh bodies for a while here, you see. We’re going to be tried, just like Jesus was tempted 40 days in the wilderness. He was flesh. All he had was the heavens had been opened unto him where he had an understanding and a relationship with the Father. Then after he was baptized, he was immediately led into the wilderness to be tempted. And we are still going to be tempted. Now we must make that clear. But he says every flesh desire must be under the sanction and authority of the Spirit. Every thing we do! We must not do it unless we know that it is sanctioned by the Spirit.


11Just reading and learning God by the mind will not accomplish this.

By our carnal mind. It will not accomplish it. We must experience it by the Spirit. You see, the word alone is death, but the Spirit maketh alive. We must seek God. You say, “Well how am I going to do it?” Seek him. Ask him. Wait before him until we are empowered with that power of the Holy Ghost. God knows we’re but flesh. We cannot do it by ourselves: it has to be by the Spirit. But he will not do it while we sit and twiddle our thumbs. We must sincerely seek God and trust him and believe his Word when he says it.

12This can only be achieved by a knowledge and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

He has the keys to the kingdom. He has the keys to the kingdom. It’s through him, that all powerful one, that we can come in. By faith, and a knowledge of God’s word, and faith to believe it. This can only be achieved by a knowledge and relationship with Christ – by faith – and a knowledge of God’s word, and faith to believe it! The word of God. This is why God has been teaching us lately. How we would pray for someone instead of getting all shook up. He’s teaching us how to believe the Word of God. And we see results when we say, “Now your Word says it, Lord. Now we’re just going to ask this of you.” And watch it be fulfilled. And the prayers are being answered. Because we’re believing it. Because God’s Word says it, it has to come to pass. And if we follow the pattern, to ask the Father in the name of the Son, it has to come to pass. It has to come to pass.

It can only be achieved by a knowledge and a relationship with Christ. Not just a knowledge, but a relationship with him: a personal, personal relationship. And how do we build upon that relationship? Through the Word, through the Spirit, through fasting, through prayer, and especially through making love to him. Tell him how much you love him. He loves to be praised. He loves to be praised. And he loves to be recognized for who he is. He loves to be thanked when he does something for us. He loves to hear us say it: Thank you, Lord.

13Practice prayer, believing for the answer.

Practice prayer, and believe him for the answer.

14God’s promises are true and he will not fail.

If we come to him in faith! You know what he said about the mustard seed and the mountain. Now we haven’t gotten that far yet, at least I haven’t seen anybody move any mountains lately, have you? But his Word, if we can come into that relationship, that closeness. But we try to put the cart before the horse. We try to do these things before we have received that relationship with Christ. And every once in a while, he takes pity on us and lets us do some big miracle; we crow. Ain’t it the truth? It’s just because he loves us, and he wants to draw us a little closer to himself. We haven’t touched the thoughts of the Father yet.

When we start to draw close to God, you see how little you really are. You realize that God is God. Now we don’t know yet for sure; we know him in a little portion. And these boasting preachers…. Sure we’ve had some tremendous experiences in God, and I thank God for every one of them. I thank God. But to know him in his fulness, it blows our minds when you think about it. But he will not fail; he’s promised us.

15If your prayers are not being answered, check your motives.

And I’ll check mine. Why do we want what we’re asking for? You know what it says in the Book of James about asking amiss, that we want to consume it upon our own lusts, our own flesh desires, if our prayers aren’t answered. Or because it’s some special thing in our own self that we want fulfilled. Check your motives. If your prayers are not being answered now, go before God with thisAnd check your faith, if you’ve asked in faith or did you just blab it out? Wait until God gives you faith. Check your faith, and God’s timing, if your prayers aren’t answered. Sometimes God lets you know something, but it isn’t quite planned; he lets you know ahead of time. So we get all flustered and say God isn’t answering our prayers. Well, we know he’s heard, and we know the answer’s on the way. So if we’ve asked in faith, it should come. And check your commitment to him concerning our flesh desires and our spirit. Check his Spirit and our spirit. Find out if it’s God that wants you to pray this way. I’m pretty careful about what I ask for. I believe before we talk to God, we ought to check our motives to find out why we want it; is it for God’s glory or for our glory? Check our spirit and see if that’s what God wants us to have. Check our motives. And above all, check and see if our spirit’s right so we have a right to go to him.


16And how much time do we give to him?

How much time do we actually give to God, or how much time do we give to the flesh? He said,“In prayer”; how much time do we give to him in prayer? Now I’m not talking about prayer — asking him for things. I’m talking about dedication: meeting with him, staying in his presence, letting him draw close to you — establishing that kind of a relationship with Christ. That kind of prayer, not prayer asking for things. Praise unto him. In your closet, by yourself, wherever you are – when you’re alone. Build on that relationship with love and quietness before him. And in service: how much do we do for God when he sends us? Don’t go unless you are sent. How much time do we give him to make love to him? And in quietness, in fasting? How much time do we spend alone speaking in our prayer language to him? This is where our Spirit is strengthened. He didn’t just give you that so you can say, “I’ve got the Holy Ghost.” He wants us to use it. That’s a prayer language. When the natural mind doesn’t have an understanding of what your need is, when the Spirit prayeth, it edifies and strengthens our inner man. So we must use that prayer language. Now don’t lose the vision of what he’s told us from the beginning here: that he’s building a new order in his last days. And first thing you know, if we follow on, we’ll be spending almost all of our time in prayer, in fasting; in being so happy you’ll be turned inside out. Because if you spend a lot of time with him, you can’t help but get happy, because that’s the way it works. He dumps out more than you put in. That’s the way it works every time. And these are some of the secrets that he’ll use – and that he is using – to bring a people into that place of rulership.

17Expect great things from God after we’ve learned obedience for a while and after we’ve learned to put this flesh under subjection.

He said, “Expect great things from me, if you are obedient in all your commitments.” Then we can just ask — and he’ll do it. He deals with us just like a father does with his children. If that son is always obedient, “Hey Dad, can I have an ice cream?” “Well, sure!” He can hardly get it out of his mouth and it’s there. And that’s the way God is with us. When we’re obedient, he gives us all these good things. But we have to make sure that our commitments are right before we expect God to do great things for us. Seek to know his will. Seek, seek, seek to know his will, by his word, before you ask. Seek to know his will, by this Word, or a word that he speaks to you, before you ask for anything. Don’t run; don’t ask so quick. Please. That is some of the reasons why we do not get our prayers answered. And if we will seek to know his will by his word, before you ask, he cannot fail. He says. “I will not fail.” He cannot fail. You’ll get your prayers answered just like that, if it’s asked in his will. If you seek and ask him, before you ask him what it is, seek him; ask him if it’s his will that you do this or that you do that. Then ask him to do it and he’ll do it.

Then he said, “Wait.” And I said, “Yes,” and I waited. Finally he said, “Wait.” So I wrote that again. Finally he said, “Wait,” three times, “In peace.” See, there’s a waiting, then there’s a waiting in peace. You wait in peace, knowing that if he hears you, he will answer.


Be quiet and content, knowing that all things work together for good to them that are called according to his purpose, if we walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.