Redemption Tiles

The Everlasting Gospel

Love: Affection or fondness; to have a deep devotion for; compassion.Joy: Exceeding gladness; a strong feeling of contentment, or satisfaction.Peace: Prosperity or happiness; to rest; to be safe; freedom from war, or violence.Longsuffering: Forbearance or fortitude; slow to anger; to endure.Gentleness: Mildness, kindness; tenderness.Goodness: Favor; mercy; virtue; excellence in character or demeanor.Blameless: Completely clean and free; faultless, or innocent; irreproachable.Meekness: Humility or modesty; having a patient, gentle disposition.Temperance: Self-control; to exercise self-restraint; discrete, sober; moderation.Clean: Pure and free; uncontaminated, or innocent; to be perfect.Courageous: Brave, fearless; meeting danger or pain in strength.Happy: Cheerful and content; blessed; tranquil; secure; fortunate.Hate Evil: Greatly abhorring all wrongdoing and sin.Holy: Godly, pure; clean, good, merciful; consecrated, dedicated, and sacred.Honest: Stating truth; of a good report; straight; witnessing truth; honorable.Humble: Subject to truth and righteousness; to bend the knee; to submit.
Just: To be righteous, and wise; to be holy and complete; of sound judgment.Kind: Courteous and gentle; friendly of mind, showing benevolence; gracious.Lovingkindness: Mercy; unfailing and steadfast love in spite of waywardness.Merciful: Gracious, and full of compassion; forgiving and having pity to an inferior.Obedient: Attentive to command and compliance to authority; to hearken and to heed.Patient: Expectation with hope; enduring; long suffering; fortitude; perseverance.Pure: Clean and holy; undefiled; perfect, without sin.Righteous: Just and lawful; acting right before all.Sinless: Without fault; perfect in God’s eyes; pure, like Christ.Thankful: Grateful or expressive in devotedness; praise.Truthful: Having integrity in word and action; trustworthy; stable; straightforward; upright.Wise: Preserving life; diligence; prudence; discerning; to correct or judge.