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Statement of Faith 2010 God's Only Plan Flesh & Bone: Establishing the Bride

God's Only Plan



The First Day
   First Day Creation Print


The Revealing

Section 1
How Death Came to Be

Section 2
God’s Efforts to Restore Man

Section 3
Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost
   Jesus Our Savior
      His Life
      His Ministry
      His Leading
      His Last Will Testament

Section 4
In Search of Overcomers: His Bride

Section 5
The Unfinished Work
   First Day Jesus Print

Church Prophecies
      Before 1980
      1980 - 1990
      1990 - 2000
      2000 - Present

Individual Prophecies
   Individual Prophecies List
      Rose Garden Inn

InterActive: Balancing Act
   The Jacobs Family


Where Roses Bloom

Where Roses Bloom



The Second Day
   Second Day Creation Print


   Her Best Picture

Rose’s Album
   The Earth: 1908-1945
   The Wind: 1955-1976
   The Heavens: 1979-1992

Section 1
Her Life & Her Call
      Story 01: Rose Hears God’s Voice
      Story 02: Rose Saves Her Premature Twins
      Story 03: Rose Makes A Death Bed Promise
      Story 04: Her Husband Breaks His Vow
      Story 05: Her Unfaithful Husband
      Story 06: Rose's Call As Moses
      Story 07: Prophecy Of The Church In Oregon
      Story 08: Her Ordination
      Read More 01: Root Of Sin Removed
      Read More 02: First Manifested Son
      Story 09: Prophecy Of The Church Fulfilled
      Read More 03: Rose Raises A Baby From The Dead
      Story 10: Rose Is Led To Purchase A Restaurant
      Story 11: Rose Marries The Man That God Promised
      Story 12: Rose Discovers The Conspiracy

Section 2
Her Sufferings
Story 13: Loses Her Father
Story 14: Mother Rejects Her
Story 15: Husband Takes Another Woman
Story 16: Doctors Send Her Home To Die

Section 3
Her Miracles
Story 17: Rose Receives The Holy Ghost

      Story 18: A Woman Is Raised From The Dead
      Story 19: Rose Casts A Devil Out Of Young Boy
      Story 20: Power Over The Animals
      Story 21: God Gives Rose The Life Message
      Story 22: Rose Sees Her Body as a Body of Light
      Story 23: Rose Delivers A Woman From the Hands of Satan
      Story 24: Heals A Pregnant Woman
      Read More 04: God Speaks Audibly to Rose
      Story 25: Raises A Dead Baby
      Story 26: Heals A Young Boy Of Head Injury
      Story 27: Casts Out Satan When Ministers Fail

Section 4
Her First Message - May 1979

Section 5
Her Last Message - October 1991

Section 6
First Manifested Son
   S . O . N
      The Great Ten
The Sacred Nine
The Final Eight
In His Glorious Name

Rose’s Prophecies
   Her Earlier Prophecies
   Her Later Prophecies
      Second Day Creation Print

Rose’s Teachings

InterActive: The Rose Garden
   The James - Mallette Family


The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride



The Third Day
   Third Day Creation Print


The Beginning

Section 1
The Journey
      The Holy Ghost

Section 2
Making Herself Ready
   The Victory of Eight

Section 3
There Are Two Baptisms
   John’s Baptism
   Jesus’ Baptism
      The Great Treasure
      The Four Uses of Tongues

Section 4
Faith, Hope & Charity
Read More On Faith


Section 5
The Indwelling of The Father & Son
   Revelation 21

Captain’s Log
   My Voyage Begins
   My Search Continues
   His Saving Grace

   In The Bride’s Diary
   Captain’s Study

InterActive: The Great Treasure
   The Morris - Fisher Family


Root Of Sin

Root of Sin



The Fourth Day
   Fourth Day Creation Print



Section 1
What is The Root of Sin?
   Phase 2: Field Investigation
      The Perpetrator
      Sin Tiles
      Roots of Sin
      Warfare of the Mind

Section 2
How is it Removed?
   Phase 3: Gathering Evidence
      Men are as Trees
      The Great Physician
      Redemption Tiles

Section 3
Obedience is the Answer
   Phase 4: Forensics
      Obedience is the Answer

Section 4
Perfect Even as The Father
   Phase 5: Key Witness Testimony

Section 5
The Mystery: I am Alpha & Omega
   Phase 6: Conclusion & Verdict
      The Mystery: Alpha & Omega

Original Writings
   Satan’s Greatest Lie
      WRMR . The Last Caller
   Paul’s Error
   God’s Image: Sinlessness

InterActive: Pick Your Fruit
   The Ryland Family


The Church Constitution

The Church Constitution



The Fifth Day
   Fifth Day Creation Print



Section 1
The Constitution
   The Constitutional Documents
      The Prophecy of 1619
   Founder's Council
   Founder's Life & Teachings
   The New Order

Section 2
And Bylaws
   The Constitutional ByLaws
      The Founder & Founding Members
      That it is
   The Eight Articles
      Article 1: Dedication and Purpose
         Jesus Print Day 1
      Article 2: Government
         Jesus Print Day 2
      Article 3: Ordination
         Jesus Print Day 3
      Article 4: The Assembly
         Jesus Print Day 4

      Article 5: Financial
         Jesus Print Day 5
      Article 6: Rights and Privileges
         Jesus Print Day 6
      Article 7: Proof of Ministry
         Jesus Print Day 7
      Article 8: A Perfect Church
         Jesus Print Day 8

Statement of Faith 1997
   Statement of Faith 2010

   Letter of Incorporation, Illinois
   Certificate of Incorporation, Illinois
   Business Meeting, Election of Officers
Tax Exemption Letter, Illinois
   Church Business Meeting
   Church Constitution Business Meeting
   Church Approval of New Constitution
   Archives Narrative
Amendments to Incorporation, Illinois
   Articles of Amendment, Illinois
   IRS Letter of Approval: 501(c)(3)

InterActive: Armour of God
   The Rinaldo Family


His Songs

His Songs



The Rose Bible

The Rose Bible



The Seventh Day
   Seventh Day Creation Print


Bible Preview

Section 1
Authorized KJV (1611)

Section 2
Word Search

Section 3
New Paragraph Format

Section 4
Large Print

Section 5
Choice of Background

Red Letter

Rose Bible
   Old Testament
   New Testament

Just Jesus
   List of Studies
      The Father
      The Holy Ghost
      Old Testament Quotes

Her Commentary
   Rose’s Teachings
      Everlasting Life
      God’s Plan for Man
      Flesh and Bone
      The Order for the Sons
      Paul’s Error
      The Curse is Death
      More on Life
      A Preview of Her Messages

Paul’s Letters

InterActive: Sin No More
   The Miller - Singh Family


The Church Directory

The Church Directory



The Eighth Day
   Eighth Day Creation Print


   The Crossing Over Completed
   Listen to the Service

Section 1
Rev. Rose M. Aluli, Founder

Section 2
Ordained Ministers
   Rev. Kale F. Aluli
   Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs
   Rev. Laurie J. Ryland
   Rev. Robert A. James
   Rev. Ramona L. Rinaldo
   Rev. Michael J. Ryland
   Rev. Joyce A. Mallette
   Rev. Ruth A. Miller
   Rev. Candice L. Morris
   Ordained Ministers Picture

Section 3
Youth Ministers
   Rev. Elisha I. Rinaldo
   Rev. Roselani Aluli-James
   Rev. Christopher L. Throw
   Rev. Jessica L. Throw

Section 4
The Church Families
   The Families
      Rose Aluli
      Kale Aluli
      Jacobs Family
      Ryland Family

      Rinaldo Family
      Mike & Samantha
      Joyce Mallette
      Miller Family
      Morris Family
      Mike Singh
      Robert James
      Sharon Fisher
      Elisha Rinaldo
      Josh & Roselani James
      Throw Family
      Crissman Family
      Abbey Miller
      Justin Jacobs
      June Jacobs
      Jared & Erika James
      Joy Ryland

Section 5
How The Church Should Operate
   Meeting 1: Beginning Ministries
   Meeting 2: Growth in Ministry
   Meeting 3: Perfecting the Spirit

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever
   Jesus' Prayer for COJCF
   Pictures of The Church

Time Table

Contact Us


InterActive: Fussy Fishing
   The Throw & Crissman Families . . . . . .

May all creation sing in Perfection & Praise to the glory of our God -