Times of Service

 Times of Service 

Jesus preached and did the works of his Father everywhere: in the temple, by the seaside, on the mountain. Though he was the Son of God, a King, he had no ritual. Apostle and High Priest, he regarded not the traditions of men. His will was the will of the Father. Then he sent the Spirit.

The Church is called to operate by his Spirit.

In the PerfectChurch all are called to minister. All should come with something that they have been given by the Lord and by his Spirit.

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever does not have a set program for services. Our Founder, Rev. Rose M. Aluli, taught us that “God is well able to run His Church.” All come with something to share, whether it be teaching, prophecy, evangelizing, or praise in song. We meet twice in the week, on Wednesday evenings for a Bible Study and Saturday evenings for Services. We also often get together during the week just to fellowship.

Services begin promptly at:

Saturdays: 7:15 pm CDT