The Chronological History of the Church of Jesus Christ Forever

That all may know the Blessings of God, see the Truth of Christ & believe in his Perfect Way.



A Bible Study begins in Rockford, Illinois. An associate Minister assists. Weekly meetings are held.

The Bible Study members also attend church services at Prairieville, IL.

November 27
Rose performs double wedding:  Eric Jacobs marries Jacqueline Thompson.

The associate Minister introduces the Bible Study members to Rose at a meeting in Sterling, IL.


Rose and some members of the Bible Study travel to a camp meeting in Arkansas.

Prophets speak to the members.


Many of the Bible Study members return to Arkansas for another camp meeting.
Prophecy continues to confirm Rose's calling as an Apostle.


July 4
Anointed by the Spirit, Rose is moved upon to baptize the members of the Bible Study.
The associate Minister rejects her. Conflict begins.

August 1
Regular meetings expand to Oregon, IL.

September 1
Rose is set in - by the Spirit - as the Pastor, after a Prophet saws associate Minister's podium in half.
The Bible Study meets three times a week.

October 3
The Bible Study members go to Springfield, MO for a camp meeting.

October 10
The associate Minister rejects his place as Assistant Pastor.
Pressed by the Spirit, Rose rushes back from Southern Illinois to attend the meeting. View Prophecy

December 28
The Bible Study attends a church conference in Leslie, Arkansas.
Prophets confirm the order of the Church.


For the sake of preserving the Word of the Lord, Rose begins recording Church services.


May 13
Rose teaches the message of the New Order for the Sons of God. Her First Message.

June 1
Bible Study members attend a Campground meeting in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.
All renew themselves in a complete dedication to Christ.

June 3
Rose manifests the Father. Her authority is made known. (Pentecost Sunday)

Bible Study members travel to Benton, IL for a personal camp meeting.
The commandment to "love one another" is fulfilled in Holiness.

All regular meetings are switched to Oregon. The uncommitted leave.

October 4
A prophet speaks to Rose. He prophesies that in 69 days she will be the First Manifested Son.

December 12
The prophecy of 69 days is fulfilled, establishing Rose's personal place in Christ.


February 3
The Church is chartered with the IAOGI.
Rose is President; Kale Aluli is Treasurer. A secretary is also appointed.


February 13
Kale Aluli is seated as Assistant and second to Rose.

March 30
Third seat of authority is filled.

April 13
Fourth seat of authority is filled.

April 20
Fifth seat of authority is filled.

May 24
First picnic at the Church camp. (Island)

August 20
The Root of Sin is removed from Kale.

August 25
The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is incorporated under the State of Illinois.

September 1
Dr. Srichai gives the Webster Street property to Rose after hearing God's audible voice in his car. Read Story

September 27
Rose performs marriage of her daughter and new son-in-law.

Rose and Al deed the south half of the Island to the Church for a Church camp.



May 3
The building of the Church on Webster St. is completed, and the Church is officially opened with a wedding.

June 21
The Church begins fellowshipping with a Church in Ft. Atkinson, WI.

The controversy begins. A youth from Scotland is left in Rose's charge.
He gets involved in drugs. Police are called. A rival pastor is told false stories by this youth.
Newspaper article is printed. The Church is branded as a cult.

November 15
Kale is ordained in a ceremony at Ft. Atkinson.

November 22
Joe Rinaldo demonstrates the raising of the dead, and the joining of the ages that the ministry of Moses and Elijah could go forth.

December 4
Rose and Kale are seen as Royalty in a series of visions on Rose's 73rd birthday.
Red, pink, green, gold, and purple colors; and stones on the mount.



January 9
The Church fellowships with an African-American Church. Great love is shared.

February 1
Members open a business in downtown Oregon. It is a place of ministry.

April 9
The Church fellowships with another church in Loves Park, IL.

April 24
Five Churches fellowship together at a church in Rockford.
The organizing minister presents a false teaching on prosperity; Rose rejects it.

June 8
Roselani Aluli is raised from the dead by a light coming out of Rose's face, thus fulfilling the prophecy from November 22, 1981.
Thirteen members witness this significant, supernatural event. Read Story

August 20-21
The Church travels to Ft. Atkinson to listen to a notable evangelist. Local pastor is corrected for his deceptive ways.

September 11
Rose performs a Church wedding for two members who are called of God.

December 4
God speaks to Kale to celebrate Rose's 74th birthday with a surprise party.



February 11
The Church attends a rodeo at the Metro Centre.Dwight Miller proposes to Ruth Evans.

February 27
Rose performs Church wedding. Dwight Miller and Ruth Evans are married.

March - June
During this time, other Church weddings take place.

June 11
Rose presides at a special joining: the marriage of Laurie Barton to Rick Ryland.

July 1
Rose, Kale and the two Elders of the Church go on a missionary tour to the Far East.
On the return layover, in Hawaii, Rose meets Kale's family.
Rose experiences a great love for the many cultures and speaks that Hawaii will be the second headquarters for the Church.


The building of Rose's apartment and Church bunkhouse at the Island begins.
The Church builds a dining hall called the Upper Room. During the construction, Rose has to challenge ComEd over easement rights.
WGN of Chicago airs the story. Rose wins.



The Church begins to remodel a large, local restaurant, called Maxson Manor.

Rose discusses the purchase and co-ownership of Maxson Manor. Church adults agree.
The Lord speaks to Rose: "I have need of this building."

The bunkhouse on the island, for the families, is completed.

Rose and Church members purchase Maxson Manor.
Rose puts up seed money, while members agree to work for the benefit of all.

November 1
Maxson Manor opens. Under Rose's leadership and guiding, the restaurant will flourish.
She appoints Rick Ryland as one-in-charge; and she starts the remodeling. Result: fine dining for 450.


Maxson Manor introduces Big Band sound and dancing.

March 1
Former Church member begins campaign of lies.



April 26
Controversy continues. Newspaper prints article questioning Rose's leadership and business role.
This article is the result of the whorish actions of a former member of the Church.
Maxson Manor suffers a 50% loss in customer revenue, but Rose encourages all members to go on.

Same former member contacts the Illinois Department of Labor. She alleges "unfair labor practice" for wages.
A general agreement letter, signed by all the members actively working at the Manor,
is sent to the Illinois Department of Labor to dispute the false accusation.


July 11
Rose's oldest son, Bill Mallette, returns to Oregon to marry Joyce Thompson, Rose's best friend.

Construction of The Duplex on Maxson Manor property begins. Because of threats to her life, Rose agrees to living there.


The Church agrees to build a 149-passenger riverboat for dining. Construction begins in Palatka, FL.


March 8
A document of General Ownership of restaurant properties is signed by all. Nominal ownership by the two Elders is agreed to.

Rose and Kale accompany the riverboat up the various waterways to Illinois.

August 30
Rose wins battle with the Illinois Department of Transportation.
The largest land move of its kind in the history of Illinois brings the riverboat to Oregon, IL from Ottawa, IL.

August 31
The Duplex is completed for Rose and she moves in.

September 9
The riverboat, christened "Rose of Rock River," takes its maiden voyage with a wedding.

October 16
Common Purpose Agreement of ownership of Maxson Manor is signed at Church.
This document certifies to the "agreed ownership" of the restaurant, the riverboat, and the adjoining properties.


January 6
Ownership of Rose's half of the Duplex is agreed to, but held in Elders' names.

November 16
Rose and Kale marry in a private ceremony in Naples, FL. View Prophecy



April 20
Appraisal of Maxson Manor ($625,000)

Rose and Kale begin building their new house.

Outstanding loan on Maxson Manor, Rose of Rock River and related properties is $410,000.

December 20
Kale's relationship to Rose is challenged. Kale's eye is permanently injured.


January 30
Rose and Kale discuss ownership of the Duplex with local bank.

February 10
Rose and Church members sign document authorizing her as titled owner, removing nominal ownership by two Former Elders.

February 11
Realizing that the two Former Elders could steal all of the Maxson Manor profits, Rose withdraws $100,000 for safekeeping.

March 6
Kale's eye surgery totals $6,000. The Church pays.

March 1992

March 22
Rose lays her life down for her husband and her Church. View Prophecies

March 23
The Church views Rose's body before the casket is sealed.

March 24
The funeral house is packed for the final service.

March 25
Rose's body is flown to her birthplace in North Dakota.

March 26
The Church travels in a caravan to North Dakota to bury Rose.

March 27
Rose is placed next to her father's gravesite. Church offers last farewell.
The two Former Elders holding nominal ownership to restaurant and riverboat hire an attorney;
also steal valuables from Rose and Kale's residence.

March 30
Nominal owners demand $250,000 cash payment to switch ownership. The Church refuses.
Crooked daughter is appointed Executrix of Rose's Estate. Executrix is an Ordained minister and one of the two Former Elders in the Church.
Kale files as Renouncing Spouse. Legal battle begins.

March 31
Opposing attorney enters Rose's will in Probate case.

Apr-Jun 1992

Second meeting to settle with nominal owners. No settlement. Court battle begins.

April 3
By Church lawyer's request, Church members commence "Project Rip-off / Project Clean-up," which document ownership/settlement requests.

April 29
Church representatives attempt to settle with Former Elders / nominal owners.

May 1
The two Former Elders illegally wire-tap duplex and restaurant phone lines.

May 6
Lockbox containing the Church tithes is delivered to the two Former Elders' attorney's office.

May 11
Judge rules that because of nominal title ownership of Duplex held in Former Elders' names, Kale must vacate his residence.

May 14
The two Former Elders threaten to close Maxson Manor.

May 25
By legal agreement, Kale leaves Duplex and lives in Church. A video of Duplex contents is made.

June 9
The Church membership splits in half: 33 remain faithful. View Prophecies

June-Nov 1992

June 26
In an attempt to force settlement by Former Elders' terms,
attorney for the two Former Elders initiates threatening phone calls to Maxson Manor manager, Rick Ryland.

July 1
Due to personal problems, first Church attorney withdraws as Counsel. Second Church attorney hired.

July 6
Church elects new officers. By unanimous vote, Kale is the new Pastor and President.

July 14
Former Elders close Maxson Manor.

August 28
Maxson Manor and Rose of Rock River are sold by two Former Elders to third party for the mortgage price only: $381,000.

September 11
Court order issued to appoint Special Administrator to examine Former Elders' financial transactions.

October 30
Elder claims tithe money. Church counterclaims.

November 17
Accountant hired by Church to examine all financial transactions.

November 26
Of those remaining, the differences are healed;
and the faithful of the Church united in commitment and love: God's truth about Rose prevails.


December 14
In separate court case, the two Former Elders are found guilty of not paying business debts owed to a third party.
Court orders repayment.

December 22
Former Elder's daughter occupies Rose and Kale's half of Duplex. Does not reimburse Rose's estate.


Church Accountant submits an affidavit that the two Former Elders owe the Estate $515,000.

January 26
Church Attorney requests removal of Executrix. (1st Motion)

Special Administrator to collect the two Former Elders' debt is appointed.

March 27
Maxson Manor burns to the ground. Unknown cause. Exactly one year from Rose's burial date.

July 22
Items of Rose recovered. Misappropriation by Executrix.

November 9
Special Administrator determines the amount Former Elders owe is $506,000.



January 1
Newly Ordained with the IAOGI: Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs and Rev. Joseph A. Rinaldo.

January 10
The Lord speaks to Kale to write a book: "The Hour of the Frogs."

Attorney for the two Former Elders responds with $157,000 owed. Cites Statute of Limitations.
Special Administrator requests Court to declare such a use as invalid.

February 11
Special Administrator requests Former Elder - Executrix to produce records.

March 13
Special Administrator views the CNN broadcast showing the two Former Elders purchasing a $760,000 yacht.
He requests a Surety Bond of $500,000. Attorney for Church files a Second Amended Motion to Remove the Executrix
and that she not be allowed to use the Dead-man's Act.

Kale meets with new law firm for a second opinion. Church hires attorney from new law firm.
Former Elders plan move to Florida to hide assets of the Estate.

June 15
Kale receives his Widower's Award on his birthday. ($10,000)


July 19
Special Administrator determines that Former Elders owe $300,000.

July 26
New Church attorney re-opens case against Former Elders concerning ownership of Maxson Manor and Rose of Rock River.

August 15
Analysis of Executor Report by Kale and Church treasurer, Dwight Miller, show misuse of funds by Former Elders.

November 3
Interrogatories are submitted to Executrix.
Oral arguments are heard on Maxson Manor suit.
Former Elder attacks Kale and threatens him with "your days are numbered." (Estate attorney verbally attacks Rose.)
Church attorney files Domestic Violence Petition against Former Elder.


The two Former Elders continue litigation with a new attorney. First attorney bill over $70,000.
First of the two Church attorneys suffers a dissecting aortic aneurysm, and is released as Church attorney.

February 17
The two Former Elders are questioned under Discovery Rules. Lies are documented.

New Church attorney agrees to take all the cases of the Estate and prepare a Fourth Amended Motion.


Presiding judge removes himself from the bench due to personal misconduct.

Litigation continues.

July 19
Third newly Ordained with the IAOGI: Rev. Laurie Ryland.

November 8
Former Elders' attorneys stupidly offer taped recordings of phone activity to Church attorney.
Tapes provide basis for Federal Suit of illegal phone taps.


July 17
Garage sale at Rose's residence provides "evidence of impropriety" by Executrix.

August 2
New judge orders Church tithe to be invested. Former Elders and their attorney do not show.

November 11
Church votes to withdraw from IAOGI as an affiliate member; and to charter itself as an independent religious organization.
Church votes and approves the following as officers: Rev. Rose M. Aluli - Founder and First Pastor, Rev. Kale F. Aluli - Reverend General,
Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs - Assistant Reverend General, Mona Rinaldo - Secretary, Dwight Miller - Treasurer,
Rick Ryland and Rev. Laurie J. Ryland - Chroniclers.


November 22
Judge issues Memorandum Opinion: He regards Former Elders' testimony as false; Kale's testimony as true.

November 25
Former Elders are questioned about their illegal phone tapping activities at their attorney's office.
Church members are allowed to attend.

December 4
The work of the Church Constitution begins with the writing of the Preamble.


January 27
Kale completes first two articles of the Church Constitution.
Laurie Ryland determines who will write the other six articles and Creed.

March 30
Easter Sunday: The Church Constitution is completed.
Unanimous vote approves the Constitution and Bylaws of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever.

June 3
Church attorney appears before Illinois Appellate Court on ownership of Maxson Manor.

July 14
Former Elder tells Former Elder / Executrix of his affair with a younger woman and divorces her;
thus fulfilling the prophecy spoken against her from the Lord.


July 15
Former Church Elder deposits pornographic materials at Church members' homes.

August 13
Divorced Former Church Elder remarries.

October 27
The Church is officially chartered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

October 30
Audio engineer analyzes tapes of phone tap. Proves that the tapes were tampered with by Former Elders.

November 4
Rev. Joseph A. Rinaldo, co-Assistant Pastor, is killed in a car accident.


Construction of Kale's new apartment (attached to the Church building) begins.

March 22
First Ordination: Rev. Kale Aluli, Rev. Jacqueline Jacobs and Rev. Laurie Ryland
are re-ordainedunder the newly-chartered Church of Jesus Christ Forever.
Mona Rinaldo, Michael Ryland, Joyce Mallette, Ruth Miller, and Candy Morris are also ordained.

June 20
Kale's new apartment is finished. It opens with the marriage of Christopher Throw to Jessica Jacobs.



January 27
Dwight Miller and Kale view newly married Former Elder's new house in Rockton, IL.
New house includes large indoor swimming pool.

January 31
Church attends Sunday service at large Assemblies of God church:
Jackie Jacobs delivers a word to visiting televangelist Pat Robertson.
Mona Rinaldo attempts to deliver a vision to the pastor.

February 8
Mona Rinaldo and Kale deliver the vision to pastor of Assembly of God church. Pastor rejects it.

February 10
Deposed Executrix, living in Florida attempts call to Kale. Sounds drunk or high.

April 16-17
Federal Wire Tapping Case is settled. Church wins.
Because of the mercy of the Church and Kale, Former Elder's house does not go into foreclosure.

April 30
Mike Ryland and Dwight Miller form 2Perfect Construction, fulfilling prophecy that they will work together.

November 4
Kale goes to Hawaii to continue the process of establishing a second headquarters for the Church.


November 20
The Church attends the marriage of Faith James to Phil Crissman in Kalamazoo, MI.

December 4
Jackie Jacobs receives her teaching on God's Only Plan.

December 5
God's Only Plan is taught to the Church by Jackie Jacobs.


New Year's
The Church celebrates the beginning of the new millennium with: The Eighth Day.
Gallery of Callings, Dinner and gifts. Dwight Miller is Master of Ceremonies.

January 13
Kale goes to Hawaii with five Church members to reconcile Aluli family.

January 28
The Holy Ghost speaks to begin a web site. PerfectChurch.com is born.
View Prophecy 1 . View Prophecy 2.

March 22
The Face page of PerfectChurch.com is put on the web.

April 12
Court rules in our favor. Church is allowed to reopen suit against Former Elders.


April 23
The Spirit of the Lord opens to The Root of Sin being removed.

Kale delivers a prophecy of invasion and war to Hawaii.

July 17
The bunkhouse at the island is burned. Church suspects Former Elder as arsonist.
Replacement value: $80,000.

July 25
Arsonist attempts to kill Kale by burning Church and apartment down. Attempt fails.

September 28
Former Elder declares bankruptcy.

October 1
The Church visits Rock Church in Rockford.

October 15
The Church visits House of Refuge Church in Rockford.

October 29
The Church visits Heartland Church in Rockford.



New Year's
The Church celebrates its second New Year's with all the families at the Alpha Lounge, D'Ruth's, and Omega Cafe.
The kids put on a fashion show and Bible skit. Youth leaders direct program.

The Church begins to work on web inter-actives. Web site development continues.

January 5
Jessica Jacobs-Throw prophesies that we make ourselves ready for the manifestation of the Sons of God.
It will be hard work and a trying time, but if we endure, it will happen in the spring.

January 13
Internet Meetings are on a regular basis.

February 2
The Church begins to work with local web firm.

First graphic artist for PerfectChurch.com is thanked for donation of time.
The Church begins to work with local artist.
The Church completes layout binder.

March 17
God welcomes former member back. Bob James visits Rose's son, Bill Mallette.
Bob asks for forgiveness and is accepted.

Mar-May 2001

March 18
Bob's family is restored and he helps with the web site.
A visitor(1) receives the Holy Ghost.

March 22
Second Ordination: Five qualify and are Ordained to ministry: Rev. Robert A. James;
Youth Ministers: Rev. Elisha Rinaldo, Rev. Roselani Aluli, Rev. Christopher Throw and Rev. Jessica Jacobs-Throw.
Prophecy is fulfilled.

April 29
Prophecy of January 5, 2001 is fulfilled. By the Spirit, Bob James declares that the Church is clean.
We are his: chosen, blessed, and anointed. "Today there is peace, but tomorrow comes a storm."

May 2
Bill Mallette lays down his life.
Just as Rose's passing was the trial for the Church adults, so Bill's passing on is the trial for the children.

May 5
The six high school juniors attend the Prom together. It is a perfect evening.

May 12
Several travel to Michigan to have a Church service with the James family.
A visitor(2) receives the Holy Ghost.

May 26
Church attends graduation ceremonies for Jared James. Joshua James renews himself in God.

May-July 2001

May 27
The Holy Ghost speaks to "Finish the House," which refers to the Church, his people to be perfect and spotless.

June 3
The Holy Ghost gives the understanding of what took place over Memorial Day weekend, (May 27):
the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24 are being fulfilled.
The 70 weeks began April 23, 2000, when the root of sin was removed from virtually the entire church,
and will end August 26, 2001.
This is the time determined to finish, or make an end of sins, to seal up the vision and prophecy,
and to anoint the most holy. The next step is the supernatural.

First graphic artist finishes the Eight Days. Site map is completed.
The Church forms its own design team for the web site.
Church purchases hardware and new software for the Church website, PerfectChurch.com.

By the intervention of the Holy Ghost, Bob James is offered a position with a different corporation. He accepts.

July 7
Work on web site continues.

July 20
Kale, Laurie Ryland and Roselani Aluli meet with local web firm to discuss PerfectChurch.com.

July 22
Kale receives a phone call that will take him to Hawaii for 20 days.
Jackie Jacobs, as Assistant Pastor, is moved into leadership position.

July-Sep 2001

July 28
Kale flies out to Hawaii to attend family meeting of cousins.

August 12
Joshua James proposes marriage to Roselani Aluli. She accepts.

August 26
The end of the 70 weeks. The second covenant is established.
We are God's people and his laws are written on our hearts and in our minds.
We are to rule and reign on the earth, in his image, walking in the Spirit as Manifested Sons.
There is great joy and feasting. But gross darkness is coming. Great judgment will fall on this land.

September 1
The Church celebrates Jared James' graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp.
Kale has been given a new name - KaleooRose.

September 2
It is spoken that Kale has taken the Church to the top of the mountain. We are there.

September 5
Kale returns from Hawaii.
He endured his wilderness experience of forty days, and at the end had a great supernatural visitation.

September 9
Many confirm the presence of the great cloud of witnesses with us in the church.

September 11
Terrorists attack, destroying the World Trade Center and damaging the Pentagon.
Thousands are killed. It is the beginning of judgment on America. America goes to war.

Oct-Dec 2001

October 4
Kale travels to Hawaii for his mother's funeral. He stays 3 weeks.
Because everyone must learn that place of leadership, Laurie Ryland is put in charge.

November 21
The Church travels to Michigan for Thanksgiving.
We are in one accord and the reuniting of us as a body is complete.

November 22
Phil Crissman receives the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

November 28
Pastor of First Assembly is removed.
Prophecy to him by Mona Rinaldo on February 8, 1999 is fulfilled.

December 8
God sends us a new graphic artist for PerfectChurch.com.

December 9
Church celebrates the Day of Jubilee. All debts are forgiven.

December 31
New Years Eve ten-hour celebration of God's abundance and love.
New graphic artist receives the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.



January 14
Rose manifests herself to a church member by a supernatural visitation.
This revealing fulfills prophecy that Rose would return; and proves that she laid down her life and took it up again.
View Prophecies

March 10
First design of CreationDaze.com is submitted to the Church.

March 28
Construction and refurbishing of the church begins. Services are held at a second location.

May 1
First glass tablets of The Great Ten are presented at the Church service.

May 16
Final deposition of crooked Former Elder-Executrix,
former ordained minister and ex-daughter of Rose, is taken.

May 21-24
Court in Dixon. Fourth Amended Motion.

May 28-31
Court in Dixon. Two Former Elders' testimonies, under oath, conflict.

May 31
Litigation is settled. The ten-year battle by The Church against the two Former Elders
culminates with the Former Elder swearing and displaying vulgar behavior.


June 3
Refurbishing is completed, and the Church celebrates with the graduation of six high school seniors.

PerfectChurch.com art prints are finished.

August 9
Joshua James and Roselani Aluli are joined in marriage at the Church.

August 14-24
After honeymoon, 19 Church members enjoy Hawaii with newlyweds.

December 18
Chris and Jessica Throw purchase their new home. Church refurbishes it.

December 31
New Years Eve celebration of "My Calling."


Development of PerfectChurch.com continues on a daily basis.

January 14
Lance Corporal Jared James goes to war in Iraq.

Mar-June 2003

March 22
PerfectChurch.com and its seven web sites are officially launched.

March 23
The Bride has made herself ready. The Father vows himself to the Bride: His Perfect Church.

April 19
Bob James has a vision of Rose. Rose is in full armor and standing next to Jesus' throne.

JLVNewMedia is contracted to construct the HTML site for PerfectChurch.com.

May 11
Jared James is injured in Iraq. Flown to the United States.

May 26
Jared James returns home and proposes to Erika Miller. Wedding date is set for June 2004.

May 29
The senior graduates organize the Baccalaureate Service.
Rev. Laurie Ryland addresses the Class of 2003.

June 1
June Jacobs and Joy Ryland graduate, celebration follows.

June 2
The Hour of the Frogs (HOF) team is formed and assists in writing the novel.

June 20
Chris and Jessica's basement is remodeled by 2Perfect Construction.

July-Oct 2003

July 3
Roselani and Joshua James purchase their home.
2Perfect Construction begins remodeling.

August 3
The Church meets in Rockford for Sunday services with the Ministry of Restoration.

August 15
Roselani and Joshua James' home is completed by Church and 2Perfect Construction.
The house is a testimony of charity.

August 17, 24, 31
Fellowship services with Ministry of Restoration continue.

September 1
God's calling on the Ministry of Restoration requires continued fellowship with The Church.
Because of pride, the Pastor of the Ministry of Restoration refuses.

September 25
Church attends Homecoming Coronation ceremonies at the high school.
Homecoming program exhibits perverted behavior. The Church seeks the Lord's guidance.

October 2
Ten letters from The Church objecting to lewd behavior by the students at Homecoming are printed in the local newspaper.
Rick Ryland resigns from School Board to highlight the lack of discipline in the school district.

October 13
2Perfect Construction goes to Florida. Prophecy is fulfilled.

Oct-Dec 2003

October 19
Newspaper article on The Church appears in The Sauk Valley News.
This article ends The Controversy: Rose's name is publicly cleared and her ministry is true.

October 22
Bob James buys an H2 Hummer. Prophecies of God's blessings are true.

October 23
Letters written by The Church to the newspaper and letters sent by Church leadership to local pastors
cause school administrators to hold a public meeting.
Many parents of the community agree with The Church, that changes are necessary.

November 16
CreationDaze.com is launched on the anniversary date of Rose and Kale's wedding.

November 18
Kale receives an anonymous phone call identifying the person responsible for the fire
that burned down the Church bunkhouse and the attempt to burn down The Church.

November 20
End of HOF is given to Kale.

November 27
Thanksgiving. The Church is One in the Spirit.

December 30-31
New Year's Celebration at the Coliseum begins: Preparation and Night of The Blooming Bugs.



January 1-2
New Year's Celebration at the Coliseum.

January 3
New Bible Studies begin - Rose's Teachings.

January 4
Prophecies speak of major changes in 2004. "Don't be surprised at events in 2004."

January 15
First reading of "LIFE: It is The Father's Good Pleasure to Give us the Kingdom."

January 25
Prophecy: The Church is pure and a change is taking place.
A double wedding is to take place.

January 29
Kale and Bob James leave for Kaua'i.

February 12
Kale returns from Kaua'i.

February 20
Fashion Show for Elisha Rinaldo.

Feb-May 2004

February 21
Night of the Seven Waterfalls.
Ministry confirms that the Church will be located in Princeville, Kaua'i.

February 28
The Church studies for 5 1/2 hours on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

February 29
The Church attends "The Passion of the Christ": a false and anti-scriptural representation of his crucifixion.

March 15
The ending of The Controversy is confirmed.

April 21
Kale receives unusual word: that he agreed to the Life message when Rose taught it in the late 1970's.

April 25
In prophecy, Kale is given a package that will answer all things.
Part One of the package is revealed that same evening: All are one.

April 27
Part Two: Wisdom is granted to Church Elders (M.M.)

April 28
Part Three: God promises that the Properties will be returned.

May 5
Part Four: Love Jesus as the Father loved Jesus and Love the Father as Jesus loved the Father.

May-July 2004

May 8
Part Five: Summer Homes in Lake Geneva.

May 15
Part Six: Individuals are to seek all of God.

May 16
Part Seven: America will be judged for its sin.

May 24
2Perfect assists in planning of Kaua'i residence.

May 27
Part Eight: Love the Father, Christ and the Spirit with an everlasting love.

June 3
A church senior speaks at the Oregon High School Baccalaureate.
The Church work is finished in Oregon.

June 19
Uniting of the Ages: Double Wedding at Klehm Arboretum.

June 25
At a new fellowship, Church is declared as pure and holy.
Rick Ryland is not allowed to speak about the Holy Ghost.

July 2
A revisit to the fellowship: Many declare Perfection and no sin.
The last enemy - death - has been overcome.


July 4
Uniting of the Ages: Married.
The Hour is over.

August 11
The complete fulfillment of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: free from all things.

August - December
2Perfect works with Church lawyer on building in Kauai, HI.

December 30-31
New Year's Eve celebration in Chicago.


January 1st
Crew drives to CA to ship work vehicle to Kauai for construction.

January 2nd
Everyone heads home from New Year's weekend.

March 1st
2Perfect flies to Kauai to begin construction on house in Anahola.

March 4th
2Perfect meets a woman who had a dream of The Church on the Kauai lot.

May-Sep 2005

May 13th
The Church attends Elisha's annual Fashion Show.

Rinaldo, Jacobs, and Ryland families vacation together in Kauai.

June 23rd
2Perfect comes home to visit for 2 weeks.

July 7th
2Perfect returns to Kauai.

Preparation for Briarwood.

August 8-12
Kale, Bob and Rick meet with Briarwood to propose a Christian teaching center and park.

August 12th
Kale flies to Oahu, HI for family meeting.
He begins to work with his nephew.

August 31st
Kale flies to Kauai.

September 7th
Roselani and Elisha fly to Kauai to visit.

Sep-Nov 2005

September 11th
Prophecy of Kale's transfiguration.

September 15th
Phil Crissman arrives in Kauai to begin a vacation: works with 2Perfect.

September 20th
Rick and Josh fly to Kauai.

September 23rd
Kale is transfigured in Hanalei Bay, as prophesied. Many witness the event.

September 27th
Those visiting Kauai fly home. Elisha decides to stay.

October 23rd
Rick is transfigured in Kauai.

November 23rd
Church youth complete video for Thanksgiving.

November 24th
Weekend of Transfiguration begins.
1st webcam dinner with Kauai and Texas.

November 27th
The time of Transfiguration in Oneness is celebrated in Thanksgiving.


December 9th
Kale flies to Oahu for another family meeting.

December 15th
Jackie returns to IL from Kauai.

December 16th
2Perfect flies to IL for Holidays.

December 27th
Church goes on a ski trip in Wisconsin.

December 31st
"Dinner and the Movies" theme for New Year's Celebration. The Church celebrates until 5:00 am.


January 1-3
New Year's celebration continues until 2Perfect heads back to Kauai.

January 5th
The Lord speaks Isaiah 34:8 to describe the year to come.

January 8th
Church service is about the 8th day: Manifestation of the Sons of God.

Jan-Mar 2006

January 9th
June receives bad news: separation begins.

January 10th
Manifested Sons Revelation begins with the study of Flesh & Bone.

January 17th
Some Church members attend Rick Ryland's brother's funeral.

January 19th
2Perfect contracts for a second building project on Kauai.

January 28th
After an internet search, George Seymore from Oklahoma calls about Red Letter.

January 29th
At Sunday's service, the Church vows the New Covenant.

January 31st
The President recognizes "Islam a noble faith."
Ogle County accepts a Greek goddess.

February 3rd
By the Spirit, The Church has no obligation to protest the goddess statue.

March 2nd
Kale flies to Kauai.

Mar-Apr 2006

March 4th
Church determines to attend Mike Ryland's wedding in May.

March 11-12
Illinois assembles for Bible study on Flesh & Bone Scriptures.
The Flesh and Bone Matrix is revealed in its beauty and truth.

March 22nd
Eliza Rose's Joy Crissman is born.

March 24th
Ten help move June out of her apartment.

March 25th
Kale returns to IL.
Pastor from Island Worship calls to discuss PerfectChurch.com.

March 28th
Kale leaves for FL and plans Mike Ryland's wedding ceremony.

March 31st
Roselani in the Spirit has a vision of the Alpha and Omega.

April 24th
Roselani flies to Kauai.

April 30th
Abbey Miller graduates from Illinois Wesleyan University.

May-Aug 2006

May 7th
Kale and Roselani visit Island Worship.

May 14-20
Church prepares for Mike Ryland's wedding, then on to Washington D.C.

May 26th
Mike Ryland's wedding in Florida.

May 28th
Church continues trip with a vacation to Washington D.C.

June 16th
Michelle Ryland and Kalamazoo couple fly to Kauai for the summer.

June 19th
M.O.S.T., Model Of Students Teaching, is created.

July 3rd
Jamie Morris goes to Kauai to work with 2Perfect, and to grow in God.

July 19th
A visitor(3) receives the Holy Ghost.

July 20th
Kayla Ann Throw is born.

July 20th - August 3rd
Many of the youth fast to continue in their overcoming.

Aug-Sep 2006

August 10th
Kale returns to Kauai to continue the establishing of the Church.

August 16th
Summer school finishes with a field trip to Wild West Town in Northern IL.

August 20th
Two young women attend Church on Kauai. They too believe in Perfection.

August 22nd
Roselani and Sharon Fisher fly to Kauai.

August 24th
Kaeokai Salt Jacobs is born.

August 27th - August 31st
The Church faces a minor split.

Church continues to grow in God and grows stronger.

September 6th
Mike Ryland attends his mother's funeral: triumphant in Life.

September 15th
M.O.S.T. begins first school year.

September 20th
Josh James flies to Kauai.

Sep-Dec 2006

September 24th
The Spirit challenges Kalamazoo woman.

September 25th
Roselani and Danielle Rinaldo fly back to IL.

September 29th
June's separation becomes serious.

October 3rd
On Kauai, the Lord grants Kale Flesh & Bone.

October 4th
The Church will receive Flesh & Bone in 70 days. The Time of Flesh & Bone begins.

October 15th
Alexis Jarika James is born. Ruth & Abbey fly to IL to assist Erika.

November - December
The Church is granted Flesh & Bone.

November 15th
The graphic of Majesty is presented at Bible study.

November 23rd
Thanksgiving Day progressive breakfast and dinner.

December 12th
The 70 days of Flesh & Bone are completed: Holy and pure.


December 13th
A new tape of Rose is discovered and played at Bible Study.

December 23rd
The Kauai Crew flies to IL for the Holidays.

December 25th
Celebration dinner at the Church.

December 26th
Concert format DVD is viewed at Church.

December 28th
Sharon arrives for Holiday celebration. 2nd concert DVD is viewed at Church.

December 31st
New Year's Eve "Matrix County" celebration begins.


January 1st
"Matrix County" celebration continues.
The Spirit reveals that 2007 will be the Year of Fulfillment.

January 2nd
Sharon Fisher, Phil and Faith Crissman, and Bob James return home.

Jan 2007

January 3rd
The Kauai Crew returns to Kauai.
Several members of Church attend Rockford church service.
One man receives the Holy Ghost.

January 4th
The Holy Ghost is ministered to a woman at a Chinese Restaurant.

January 7th
A visitor(4) receives the Holy Ghost.

January 13th
Rick finds Church prophecies about Flesh & Bone.
He shares them with the Church at Bible Study.

January 21st
Elisha performs her first wedding ceremony on Kauai.

January 22nd
The public ministry of the Church begins.

January 25th
Experiencing the Flesh & Bone Matrix begins.

January 26th
The Church re-studies Salvation.

January 27th
The Church re-studies the Holy Ghost.

Jan-Feb 2007

January 28th
Kale puts together the importance of Salvation and the Holy Ghost.

January 31st
The needs of The Church members are given to God.

February 7th
The Church continues to study on the Holy Ghost and move into the next level of the Flesh & Bone Matrix.

February 11th
Bob receives revelation about Rose and Flesh & Bone.
Kalamazoo moves to Kauai.

February 13th
Candy flies to Kauai.

February 18th
Gung Hey Fat Choy and the Controversy ignites.

February 20th
Chris and Jessica Throw visit Kauai.

February 21st
Kale flies to Kauai; the Taylors are on the same flight.

February 25th
We are witnesses of the truth, and of God's blessing on the Flesh & Bone Matrix.

Mar-May 2007

March 4th
Former member comes to Church service.

March 7th
The same former member attends Bible Study.

March 11th
Two visitors(5, 6) receive the Holy Ghost during Church service.

March 16th
Kale experiences Christ in a new way.

March 29th
Chris Throw's mother receives the Holy Ghost.

April 7th
Bob delivers message of knowing who we are.

April 8th
The Church as the Army of the Lord - according to Joel - stands strong.
The dedication of the Kauai Passway.

April 15th
PerfectChurch.com begins Individual Family Websites.

May 2nd
Eric Jacobs ministers healing during Bible Study. Many are healed instantly.

May 2007

May 3rd
The Church deepens their study of Rose's Teachings. Everlasting Life is the first message studied.

May 6th
Joy Ryland graduates from Illinois Wesleyan University.

May 10th
The Church continues to study Everlasting Life.

May 16th
Candy flies to Kauai for the second time in 2007.
Bible Study discussion is on Islam.

May 23rd
Bible Study discussion about Jasmine, and Forgiveness.

May 24th
Eric, Jackie, Jasmine, Kale, and Bob prepare for Jasmine's surgery.
Former members visit Oregon and one comes to Bible Study.

May 25th
Jasmine Jacobs has corrective surgery at Children's Memorial Hospital.
The operation is a testament of Flesh & Bone.

May 26th
The Church views video tributes to Jasmine and to the four new infants.

May 27th
The Church caravans to Chicago to visit Jasmine at the hospital.

May-July 2007

May 29th
Elisha Rinaldo's cut testifies of Flesh & Bone. This is the second evidence.

June 1st
Jasmine returns home from the hospital.

June 7-8th
M.O.S.T. prepares for summer school.

June 12th
Kale Aluli leaves for Kauai. Joyce Mallette flies to Illinois.

June 13th
Bible study is about "Commitment."

June 27th
Visitor confirms Church as people of God and end times through prophecy.

June 29th
40 days accomplished.

July 4th
"Finding Kale" movie sent to Kauai. Kauai in UNITY.

July 7th
Illinois in UNITY.

July 8th
Church in UNITY.

July-Aug 2007

July 12th
Faith and Phil Crissman arrive in Illinois.

July 15th
Church Service. GLORY to God - Marcy and Jamie Morris renewed.

July 25th
M.O.S.T. travels to Chicago.

August 1st
Kale, Joshua, Roselani, and Joy visit Sharon in South Carolina.

August 5th
Dwight breaks his jaw in a surfing accident.

August 8th
Kale, Joshua, Roselani, and Joy return to Illinois.

August 14th
Rick dreams of Kale glorified.
Roselani Aluli-James confirms with "wait" and scriptures.

August 15th
A visitor(7) in Texas receives the Holy Ghost.

August 16th
Illinois begins to create the guide: "Fire in My Bones."

Sep-Dec 2007

September 5th
At Bible study, a visitor(8) receives the Holy Ghost.

September 19th
Eric, Jackie, Roselani, Joy, Jasmine and Marcy visit Kauai.

September 23rd
Bob has vision of the Alpha & Omega and 7 golden candlesticks, Laurie has 3 visions.

October 14th
The mercy of God is shown in praying for the Church's enemies.
Jackie Jacobs demonstrates the SWORD of the Lord.

October 31st
Halloween is addressed at Bible Study.

November 22nd
A visitor(9) in Texas received the Holy Ghost.

December 20th
Another visitor(10) receives the Holy Ghost in Texas.

December 25th
Kauai crew flies to Illinois for New Year's Celebration

December 29th
Sharon Fisher flies to Illinois for New Year's Celebration

Dec 2007-Jan 2008

December 31st
The Lord speaks that 2008 will be the Year of Revealing.


January 1st
God's Promises are true!
Joshua & Roselani James reveal they are pregnant, fulfilling 5 years of prophecy.
New Year's Celebration continues.

January 4th
Most of Kauai group returns home to Hawaii.
Don Morris has a heart attack at midnight.

January 5th
Miller family returns to Kauai.

January 7th
Abbey Miller and Jamie Morris return home.

January 11th
Texas goes home.

January 15th
Confrontation with First Assembly congregant who claims that her Pastor says
Jesus talked more about money than anything else.

Jan-Mar 2008

January 22nd
Quote from Dickinson Press for Rose Bible Print edition is too high.

January 23rd
Church begins to understand "The Dive."

January 24th
Eric Jacobs launches Jacob's Ladder Home Inspection.

February 13th
Rick & Laurie Ryland go to Kauai.

February 14th
June Jacobs leaves NIU campus as 6 are shot and 8 wounded.

February 22nd
All speak in tongues and pray as we gather to work on the Guide. God moves in great unity and healing.

February 24th
Church Service - We are sons. Not to sin, but to life!

February 27th
Rick & Laurie Ryland return to Illinois.

March 7th
Kale Aluli dreams of diving down to 5000 ft. It is the end of the carnal mind.

March 12th
Kale Aluli speaks of Carnal Mind Dive experience to the congregation.

Mar-Apr 2008

March 19th
The Church begins a week-long celebration to push for the bottom of the carnal mind.

March 20th
Bob James is manifested.

March 25th
Kale Aluli reaches the 6000 ft, touches the plate and turns on The Light.

March 26th
Kale Aluli speaks of 6000 foot dive at Bible Study. All qualified are encouraged to dive too.

April 1st
Josh & Roselani James fly to Kauai.

April 6th
Red Letter Day Church Service.
Bob James wins the Michigan State Karate Championship in his Class.

April 9th
Everyone encouraged to focus on the Dive.
Josh & Roselani James return to Illinois.

April 16th
Erika James reveals she is pregnant.

April 23rd
M.O.S.T. performs the 3 men of Mt. Rush s'mores.
Kale Aluli feels the rock of Flesh and Bone.

May 2008

May 2nd
Candy & Don Morris put their house on the market.
A visitor(11) to the Church receives the Holy Ghost.

May 4th
Candy & Don Morris sell their house.

May 11th
The Church's 27th Anniversary. "Stand by Your Man" is sang.

May 13th
Don Morris passes on.

May 16th
Danielle Rinaldo graduates from High School.
Jamie Morris arrives in Illinois for his father's funeral.

May 17th
Don Morris' Memorial Service. Church goes public.
Many former members attend.

May 18th
The Dive is completed.

May 19th
Jamie Morris returns to Kauai.

May 20th
Michelle & Danielle go to Kauai for the summer.

May-July 2008

May 27th
A bald eagle lands on Kale Aluli's deck.

June 4th
At Bible Study, Bob James teaches on Glory.

June 14th
Candy Morris moves into new house in Sycamore.

June 18th
Faith and Abbey teach on the 3rd Heaven.

July 13th
40pt Sunday Service. Ashley Throw's vision of 2 pieces of wood nailed together.
Vision of flying scroll and book dripping with honey. All confirmed with Ezekiel 36.

July 18th
Danielle Rinaldo flies home from Kauai.

July 20th
We are that bride. The Marriage has come.

July 21st
A visiting woman(12) receives the Holy Ghost.

July 24th
Jim Mankowski flies to Kauai to work for 2Perfect.
Michelle Ryland returns to Illinois.

July-Aug 2008

July 25th
Abbey Miller flies to Texas and leaves with the Crissmans for Illinois / Michigan.

July 27th
Roselani and Josh James deliver scriptures on Light to every person.
Crissmans and Abbey arrive in Illinois for church.

July 29th
Jackie Jacobs travails for the divided hearts: "Change My Heart, O God."

August 6th
Kale Aluli receives finished scepter.

August 8th
Joyce Mallette flies into Illinois from Kauai.
June Jacobs graduates from College and is the first in her family to do so.
Illinois goes to Michigan to visit Bob James.

August 12th
June and Jasmine Jacobs fly to Kauai. Illinois with Texas group returns home to Illinois from Michigan.

August 15th
Crissmans and Abbey leave for Texas.

August 19th
Kale Aluli goes to Kauai after 16 months away.

August 21st
The Lord speaks of a new nation being born as Roselani Aluli-James is in the early stages of labor.

Aug-Sep 2008

August 22nd
Elikai Joshua Aluli-James is born.

August 24th
Church service about Elikai Aluli-James being a sign of our birth as a new nation.

August 27th
Kauai group attends party at Taylor's Beach House.

August 31st
Dedication of Elikai Aluli-James to the Lord.

September 2nd
June & Jasmine Jacobs return to Illinois from Kauai.

September 4th
Joy Ryland flies to Kauai.

September 8th
Joyce Mallette returns to Kauai.

September 10th
At Bible Study, a visitor(13) on Kauai receives the Holy Ghost.

September 14th
Mike Singh is at Church service after 9 months away.

September 17th
A visitor(14) in Texas receives the Holy Ghost.

Sep-Nov 2008

September 18th
Kale Aluli carries burden for the Nation.
Congress saves economy from depression worse than 1929.

September 23rd
Kale Aluli releases Whirlwind.

September 25th
Jasmine Jacobs emails what she found with 4 different September 23rd incidences.
God is in the details.

September 26th
Ruth Miller vision of pure white candlestick waiting to be lit - it's us.
Kale Aluli as 7 golden candlesticks.

September 28th
It's a Black and White day. Discussion of September 23rd significance.

October 6th
Joy Ryland returns to Illinois.

October 22nd
Jackie Jacobs goes to hospital with chest pain. Church prays for healing.
Kale Aluli's confirmations of writing songs about Kauai.

November 4th
Historical Election - nation elects WRONG President.


November 5th
Through discovery of old prophecies, congregation is uplifted after terrible election outcome.

November 9th
Rose and Kale are the righteous Branch as recorded in Jeremiah 23 & 33.

November 23rd
Woman receives Holy Ghost(15) in Burger King on Kauai. God has given us the North Shore.

December 10th
JohnB Jared James is born.


The year is known as "The Year of the Day of the Lord".


The year is known as "The Year of the Bride".



The year is known as "The Year of the Two Witnesses".


The year is known as "The Year of Evidence" and "The Year of Fulfilling".


The year is known as "The Year of The Controversy Is Over".

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