The Crossing Over CompletedThe Crossing Over Completed
RickFather, we thank you for your call. We thank you for this people. We thank you for Rose coming into our lives, and Kale, and for selecting us. We thank you for your holy, holy Word that never changes, and for your constant revealing of treasures that you give us through your Word and through Rose’s teachings. Have your way today. We worship you for your presence. Amen.
The Word of the LordSPOKEN BYTHE HOLY GHOSTFaithThis is our official INTRODUCTION to the heavens from our Father. Behold the greatest people ever assembled.
  Here is Laurie with stature so tall, full of grace and beauty. Behold Jackie with her eyes so bright: she can see far into the depths and beyond. And this Roselani whom I told you about: she stands firm next to her Dad; she will never waver. And Eric so strong, yet so soft, one I like to snuggle with; he has stood with his wife.
  And there he is, the man of the hour, Kale. He needs no introduction; one who has stood alone, for me and for his wife, resisting the strong winds and blistering sun of the desert. He it is who drinks of the cool springs of life.
  Mona, so fleet, so true, always pushing, standing throughout the years. And like the most beautiful tapestry of woven fabric, so is my Elisha, exquisitely beautiful. And Mikey, who once came to death’s door, never to return, always pressing toward life with that big smile on his face.
  And here’s Joyce. Don’t let the name “Grandma” fool you. She’s as young as can be, and she belongs to me. Rick, always reliable with a perfect heart, carrying on and helping others. He is exactly who I want him to be.
  Ruth, soft-spoken but a roaring lion on the inside, she too has stood through the years. And here’s Bob, the one chosen to lead the way, has done so, triumphing over his enemies in righteousness. And Dwight, standing tall, always abounding, laughing all the way. He it is that will help build my kingdom. Candy, who once thought herself lost – but I never thought so – has become as the strongest ox, pushing through whatever is put in front of her, shining brightly. And here’s Sharon. She’s pretty feisty but her heart is a marshmallow. She it is that turned her life around and grabbed hold of me with both hands, never to let go. And Mike Singh, he’s coming along nicely. It won’t be long now.
  These all, with their families and their children’s children, have given up all and loved their God. These all, of which the landscapes of my earth don’t even come close to the splendor and majesty of, are my people. Amen.

Sharon gives a testimony of how God is in all the details of life, meeting us wherever we are. If we follow his Spirit, we shall bloom.JamieYea, I have created thee. Yea, I have formed thee. Yea, I have called thee; yea, I have called thee according to my purpose. Yea, I crowned thee with the crown of life. Yea, I have ordained thee for my kingdom. Yea, I have blessed thee because thou hast blessed me. Yea, I have blessed thee because thou hast sung a sweet song unto my name. Yea, I have lifted thee up because thou hast lifted me up.
  Yea, I do judge thine enemies because they have dared to stand against thee. And yea, if they stand against thee, they have stood against me. They shall stand no more but shall fall at thy feet for mercy. I have put my sceptre in thine hand. Do as thou will. I am with thee wherever thou goest. I am with thee whatsoever thou doest. I am with thee and thou are with me. Thou shalt heal the blind. Thou shalt heal the dumb, the deaf, the lame.
  O my people, thou art my chosen. Thou art my sons. Thou art those that I have called before the foundation of the earth. Thou art those that do comfort me because of thy faithfulness. Thou art those that I have ordained, those that I walk with, those that I joy in. O my people, how doth I love thee, how I doth bless thee. O my people, O my sons, O my chosen, I love thee and thou art my sons. Amen.
KaleWisdom, Seek Wisdom
Holy, holy, holy art thee. Holy, holy, holy art thee.
Wise is the man who seeks me. Wise, wise, is he.
Lost is the one who hates me. He shall never be.
Where is the life? Wisdom resides.
Wise is the woman who understands me.
Seek wisdom. Seek understanding. Seek early. Seek me.
Seek wisdom. Seek me early. Wise, so wise shall you be.
If a good man be on a journey, wise, wise is he.
Seek wisdom. Seek understanding. Seek early. Seek me.
When all is said and done, when one has finished strong,
It is wisdom, it is wisdom that kept you from all wrong.
Solomon in wisdom had a palace, a place.
But the man of holy wisdom seeks early the Lord’s grace,
Seeks the beauty of his face.
Stay, Holy Spirit, stay with your heavenly place.
Stay with your wisdom, by your wisdom all our days.
Seek wisdom. Seek understanding. Seek early. Seek me.
Seek wisdom. Seek me early. Wise, so wise shall you be,
Wise eternally. Holy, so holy, so holy and wise is he.
DwightAnd then face to face. I desire thee to see the color of my eyes. I desire thee to see the texture of my skin. I desire thee to see the tenderness of my lips. I desire thee to smell the fragrance.And then face to face.Abbey(“Oh Draw Me, Lord” is playing in the background.) And there were among the nations, forty-seven who stood tall, strong and ready for the call. Whether the call was to go to battle or to just march, these were ready, knowing that their God was THE God, the one and only true God. That above all nations, mightier than any idol that man could create with their hand, swifter than any creation of man, mightier, stronger, truer and more faithful than all else that man could come to rely on, their God was THE God and no other was above him.
  These forty-seven, though sometimes shaken by the events around them, trusted in their God, and he settled the ground under their feet, that their steps were ordered of him, never to be moved, never veering to the right or to the left, but marching as one, straight ahead. They marched ahead, not knowing at times where they were heading, but in faith and in obedience, they pushed further, trusting that their God would bring them through, for he had never failed them before. He had led them beside the still waters, up the mountain, around the rocks, and over the crevasses.
  These forty-seven, led by two – two who stood for each other, who stood for their God, who stood for the other forty-five – these forty-seven, leaders among nations, kings and priests, sons of the living God, shall conquer all and shall be, not a story to be told to the generations, but a living and true example of a called and chosen nation, an example of the fulfillment of the promises and the obtaining of the inheritance that a true and living God had planned from the beginning.
  And they, full of trust in the Father, followed. They pushed on. They fought the wiles of the devil. They persevered. They won. They won the battle and stood atop the mount, victorious, full of glory. And their glory did all the nations see. And they wondered that there was such a people. But their eyes could not deny what they saw. Their ears could not deny what they heard. And their hearts could not deny what they felt. Their spirits could not deny what they witnessed. Some turned away in fear, anger and resentment but there were some among the multitudes that knew and felt the truth. They joined the ranks. They followed the army of the Lord withersoever they went. And they together conquered this land, bringing it back to the one true God, even their very own Father.
ElishaYou are under my wing, my wing of protection. Though the enemy would try to get to thee, thou art under my wing and no man shall touch thee. But thou wilt soar with me. But for a
a time, thou art under my wing.Thus did
come to us
on this most important day
the day that
the Crossing Over
was revised and settled:
on Sunday,
the 13th of December
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