The Church of Jesus Christ Forever

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is that Church spoken of in Daniel and Ezekiel. It is the rock cut out of the mountain and the third temple. It is the promised people of the Father. It is the Perfect Church. It is the manchild born of the woman of Revelation.

Are there other churches like The Church of Jesus Christ Forever? Not yet, but they are coming forth in the fulfillment of Christ.


Jesus' Prayer forThe Church of Jesus Christ Forever

Yea, it delighteth me that you reverence the Holy Ghost
and that I am allowed to move free. I honour thee, my people, in honouring me.

I hear you. I hear you. I hear you.
And thank you for your sweet music unto me and your praises unto me from your heart.
You don’t know the melody; it just ministers to me.

O Father, truly a people that worships in spirit and in truth; truly a people that love you dearly. Father, you’ve never seen such a people as this, the beauty. O Father, how I love them because they play before me day and night and they minister unto me, Father. Rather than always asking and taking from me, they minister unto me, Father. They refresh me. I know I tell you about them all the time but, O Father; they are real special to me. I know I can’t do it for them, Father, but you know I will do everything and work overtime to do more, that we may be one. Father, the desire, the oneness that you and I have, how can I withhold it from thee, from these that have loved me?

And they have received me, Father, as none others have. They sought not to put me to death but rather sought me to bring me to life and to let me abide in them, O Father. So you can see why I am so tender towards them. O Father, protect these that I own with thyself that they may stand in this day. And if they fall, Father, I fall with them and I cover them and I pick them up. Father, slay me if it be not so. I love you, Father. Oh join us, Father, as one soon. Let me break forth in the way that is reserved unto this time; soon, Father, as soon as you can. I desire that meeting place, Father, that I might break forth because you know that they are going to receive me. Hear their prayers, Father. Their praise is for thee and only thee. They seek no other God. They have no other form of worship, Father. They cry only for oneness for thee. Father, I see one heart and one eye and I refuse to see another thing, for I have heard the cry and I see the desire, Father; and God, it shall be so that thou shalt be worshipped in the earth as you desired so long, for these shall not fail. It is going well, Father. Things are going well, I’m happy to report.

Your Father loves you, little children, and he holds you high above the stars of the heavens. You just don’t know the tender love thy Father has for you. There are so many times he just has to turn away to keep from doing it himself. Thank you for loving me and for receiving me. How I have yearned for a people that would just receive me the way I am, and you have done it. And if there is one thing I could tell you to look for tonight, it is to look for me because I am coming in you and opening your eyes that you might see me in you, all of you. I want you to know I am there. I want you to see me there. And think it not robbery to see me there. You only bring more glory to thy Father. Oh, and don’t you dare get down over anything because all of the plusses are ahead of you.

Father, do you see how they just receive? Do you see that I can say whatever and they hear? They stumble, Father, but who didn’t? But they see and their heart is pure and one. You see, Father, how they cry for thee? Do you see why I cannot deny them? Thank you, Father, for these that you have sent me. And they have not shamed the Holy Ghost, Father. They have not trodden him underfoot with a harsh ego and the lifted-up flesh. They have not put him to shame. They have not taken advantage, Father, of thy Spirit and said, “Oh, look what I can do,” but they have said, “Look what God can do.” And they have given glory to you, Lord God. And they said, “Look at the one that he has raised from the dead that we had nothing to do with.” And, Father, they have said, “My God reigneth.” And they taught righteousness and they have not turned away from judgment. And I have chastened them sore, Father, and yet they come to thee and yet they praise thee and give glory to thee. And, Father, when your presence is not in your house, they are sick. And they have been taught well. And Rose has been faithful as you said she would.

Father, I can’t love anymore than this. I can’t hold back much longer. I can, but you know where I’d rather be. Father, hurry them to that place, I pray. Without losing one, Father, hurry to the place appointed, not that my will be done but thine. I desire them to hold me in the flesh; that they touch my hand, feel my side, feel my cheek and sup with me. O Father, they received your invitation gladly and said, “Surely we’d be honoured to come to the house of the Lord and eat.” And they are making themselves new garments and keeping them clean. And they do shine.

Little Church, I’m proud of you, all of you.  And I am jealous of thee.  I want all of your time because I want to be with you all of the time.  What do you want to do today?  Let’s do it.  Just include me.  I don’t care if you want to play volleyball.  Let’s play it.  Just keep your heart pure and include me.  Don’t leave me out.  I get lonely when I am not with you.

Holy Father, I stand in the congregation of the righteous and I hold them up to thee. Breathe, O Father, thy breath of life in the nostrils of these. They are a polished jewel, Father. Truly I am proud of these, and we of thee, Father, because you thought it good to multiply your love in the earth. And all that you have ever done is love and yet so many smite you and some have polluted your creation and have failed. But we will not fail you, Father, because we love you so and we are so proud to be your sons and to have your name. O Father, we will not let your name be tarnished again. Our one desire is that you will be proud of us and that the whole world will give glory to thee, because you have done all, O heavenly Father.

And so some say they know you. Some are sadly mistaken, but I thank you, Father, for these. I thank you for open hearts. Father, I grieve for those who have cast you out and made a mockery of you when you gave so much. I know how you love them.

Grace is coming to an end.

Given originally on August 25, 1982.
Re-read at Bible Study on November 5, 2008.

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