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Crossing Over & The Viewing

Crossing Over
There are in the archives, the recordings of a time and a place that The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, raised up by the hands and wisdom of Rev. Rose M. Aluli, the Founder to whom the Lord God did speak “that I will raise up my true church,” and her husband, Rev. Kale F. Aluli; that this Church as the smallest in the land was chosen of The Father, led by his Spirit did arise and stand up in the Son, Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The Families: Chapter Twelve
And so it is, that in the thirty-third year of their continuance, at the time appointed of the Father, that the Church did leave the city that had seen the works of their shepherd forty and nine years, in the twenty-fifth year of her separation; that the House of Rose, built by the Spirit of the living God, the God of her father, the God of all who know his Son in Perfection and holiness, Jesus Christ the Lord; that they departed for a new land, a land flowering in the beauty of the Creator, a land promised to the Faithful.

These are the families of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever that entered into their new land, as it is written: ceasing from their own works to enter into his rest:

The Viewing
Of the James Family, Robert, tall and strong in the Lord, who led the way as the voice so called to announce.

And of the James’ Home, with the starlit beauty of Erika; together joined in the Uniting of love to newly born Charity Rose, and she with Lexi, the most delightful of daughters; and two sons, the first: his name is JohnB, to whom is granted stateliness so rare; the second: the fairest Jarrod, he comes quickly with “JR,” named after his two grandfathers;

Of the Mallette Family, Joyce, who stood as a true friend and daughter, faithful to the one she loved, both in goodness and in truth; and she with the memory of her husband William;

And the James Couple, and most assuredly of Roselani, who was raised from the dead by prophecy and by Rose and Kale, her divinely appointed Lineage, with her husband Joshua. It is the same Joshua who blew the trumpet in the city; and faithful to his promises, the Lord God delivered to them a perfect son, Elikai, fair and handsome to behold, with Liliu’okalani, named by the Lord God, she is remarkable in Spirit;

Of the Jacobs Family, Jacqueline and Eric, who together have stood in the center, beloved of God and true to the ministry; and their children, of sound minds and able hearts, June, and Jasmine. June in full abundance and joy, son Ka’eokai the new life promised by the sureness of the Father;

Of the Ryland Family, Laurie and Rick, who stayed by Rose and her ways of life; and their children, standing tall and sure, knowledgeable of the Word, Joy, and Michelle;

Of the Rinaldo Family, Ramona, who saw the beauty of her countenance, and in her moments of silence beheld a new creation; the esteem of her children flourishing by her prayers and hand, her husband resting in the Lord; she dances in renewed life;

And the mountains of God herald one of magnificent beauty, Elisha, of her now Keli’i, together of Kaneali’i, their name, who both return from a life beyond grace to a life within Christ. It is this Elisha and Keli’i who leave the vaunted ways of the past and cling to Perfection in the days of the Church; and achieve all in Him, Christ Jesus, their completed and true love;

Of Justin & Danielle, freshly renewed in matrimonial love, they of the Jacobs Family and the Rinaldo Family are joined as one, all families in attendance and all witnessing their great love and first kiss; blessed are the pure; and blessed is their firstborn,  Nali’i, strong and tender of heart; and carrying in her bosom a child of Island handsomeness, Hunter Ikaila!

Of the Michael Ryland Family, he it is who came out of a deadly illness to raise up anew a faultless walk so sure, that at his mention the birds stop to listen;

And of one who is mighty, the one man: Mike Singh, who sang in the breezes of the shoreline;

And two women, each standing in Christ, fighting the harsh winds of life coming out of the wilderness of nominal preachings, one, Sharon Fisher, the other: Judy Culley, standing refined as gold, pure gold;

Of the Morris Family, one, Candice, who stepped into her land with the memory of her husband Donald, and with her valiant son Jamie, both being fulfilled in his grace and by his mercy;

Of the Miller Family, Ruth and Dwight, who executed the promises of the Lord by labor and love; and their son, David, the Lord approving of him and his well being;

Of the Miller Home, one, Abbey, outstanding in her quest for goodness in Him, and attendant to his voice and life;

Of the Throw Family, Jessica, this is that same Jessica who departed from the ways of those in the Church, so lost and departed, that she vowed herself to the way of Righteousness, with her children Louis, Kenya, and Kayla Ann, three great children of wonderful renewing;

Of the Crissman Family, Faith and Phillip, with their three sons, young and prophetical, Cody and Andrew, and Austin; and a lively fourth, astounding her brothers, her name is Lizzie, wrapped in the early, fresh blessings of adorned love;

Finally, of the Aluli Family, one Kale, who stood for Rose in the day of departure and led The Church in the struggle of Truth, that her blessed work of sowing be pure and without wrinkle or blemish: this is that same Kale who is married to Rose all the days of his life. And from the two, one Roselani, raised into new life by her holding and light: Praise!

Pure and holy is the Joining of the Ages: the Two of Witness united as one.

These forty eight, sailing in the power of new sails, met the One they awaited in a new land flowing with the fragrance of new life: his eternal joy for them, in flesh and bone: his own beauty as promised.

Unto Perfection


The Crossing Over Completed

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