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The first one to be recognized is the Spirit of the Living God, The Holy Ghost. He inspired these holy productions: in music, in lyric, in image and in His love. In his person, He is the Spirit of Truth. Praise!

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The Author

In September of 2008, Rev. Kale F. Aluli was in the town of Kilauea enjoying some fresh, Hawaii-made ice cream at a local eatery. Noticing the name of the ice cream, Tropical Dreams, he inquired about it and decided to write a song with that title. Kale then penned on one of the napkins 16 titles that would become a travelogue around Kaua’i. The first song and album would be “Tropical Dreams.” That night he wrote the song. He then composed five more to create a journey, a haku lei, around Kaua’i.

By January of 2009, less than three months from that September evening, the original list of titles had expanded to fifty songs. The organization of the album had changed from a tropical dream of 16 compositions to 21, then to a musical journey of many styles and many artists; therefore, a new concept and title emerged: Paradise Dreamer.

Rev. Kale F. Aluli was given the concept of The Hawaiian Messiah while attending a concert of Handel’s Messiah in December of 2009. A month later, Rev. Aluli wrote the structure of thirty-seven songs. In April (2010) he began composing, completing the musical production in August. He is presently in discussion to do a 3-part Children’s Book series based on his Hawaiian Messiah renderings and lyrics.

Continuing to be inspired by the Holy Ghost, in July of 2011 Kale was further encouraged to return to Paradise Dreamer while simultaneously converting a novel idea into a musical production for Hour of the Frogs. Returning to the islands in September of 2011, the musical, “Moves” began to form.