The Songs

His Songs4 Musical Productions
Authored by Rev. Kale F. Aluli. Inspired by the Holy Ghost

As a Coconut Seed Upon the Ocean
The Hawaiian Messiah

Music. Story. Action. The Hawaiian Messiah, a 44-song production of the Christ, is set in the Hawaiian Islands during the 1800s. Malakai, an ali’i kahu, is returning to his home island of Kaua’i to tell his people the greatest story ever given to mankind. Malakai’s musical sermon is timeless. So timeless, in fact, a 3-part Children’s book series is in the design phase of production right now.

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Paradise Dreamer
Paradise Dreamer: A Musical Journey

The winds blow lightly across the bay as the Paradise Dreamer lifts above the mango trees. He is ready to travel around his island of Kaua’i to visit, to sing and to hear 50 songs. He begins in Koke’e, and over three days he celebrates music that tell wonderful stories. Then it is time to rise above the clouds.

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Hour of the Frogs
Hour of the Frogs

Love. Betrayal. Jealousy. War. Hate. The music of Hour of the Frogs combines rich tones of two so in love that they defy death itself; sour sounds of the frogs that eat the white butterfly; the grieving noises of final cries in the Valley of Megiddo. This is the story of the only woman to become President of the United States. 43 songs.

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Moves In The Middle of The Night
Moves: In the Middle of the Night

Moves is music from an upstairs dining hall in Honolulu where the tenants go to church on Saturday night. How? They bring music of many flavors, different temperatures; the hard and the easy, the ups and downs that tear at their souls. This is their second year. One session is known to last 5 hours. 26 songs.

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Incredibly, these four musical productions and Children’s Book were all concepted and designed by the same author, inspired by the Holy Ghost! For more information about the author, continue reading.