Roses Bloom

A Rose was born for all seasonsIn the winter of her life she learned suffering. Spring time brought forth new children and laughter: she planted as a sower. In the summer heat her words flourished: her Church grew. The garden is ready.

A pictorial biography of a Woman who became perfect: One with Christ.

Rose & The Father

Her Name is Rose

God called her audibly at age nine. Like Christ, she learned obedience through the things that she suffered. Her miracles followed her: she raised the dead, healed the sick, and cast out devils. Her last message: “Enjoy the nineties, stick together, and overcome unto perfection.”

Speaking of Perfection, she said, “You can stand there and look through the window, but I’m going in and taking it.” She was the first manifested Son of God. Like Jesus, she laid down her life so that there would be a Perfect Church.

The Father

Given on the fourteenth day of August, 1982 by the Lord God:

This is the word of the Lord to You:

Yea, thy life has been worse than all mankind. Yea, I have taken you through a more sorrowful path than all creation, for my glory. Yea, I had to do this, for I am a just God. Yea, I let you love your father greatly before I took him from you, so all those that a loved one died and left them could not rise up against me and say,

“But I couldn’t serve you because I had it the toughest.”

Yea, I took your mother from you after your brothers robbed her, so all those in similar circumstances could not charge me, because thou didst overcome for an example. Yea, thou wast left alone so that all those left alone couldn’t say that I am unjust, because thou suffered and overcame, so they have no excuse. Yea, I took thee through poor health and every imaginable hindrance so that they likewise could not rise up in my face. Yea, thou fought the wolves, and the bear, and the cow, and the bull, and the hogs, and won. Yea, I caused thee to have five children plus raise three strangers, so that no one could say,

“But I had it so hard.”

Yea, I caused thee to work, and work harder than any man, and yet serve me to the fullest, and thou succeeded with flying colors, so no man can give me any excuse, because thou didst overcome. I caused thee to be frail in thy body, and yet bear children even in the bitter cold, and yet even have twins. Yea, I gave thee rebellious ones, so that those with rebellious ones could not say,

“Well Lord, I couldn’t serve thee because of that rebellious brat you gave me.”

I gave you wicked men as your husbands, so that those with wicked mates could not rise up against me. Yea, I even caused divorce so that those with divorces could still stand.  Yea, thou wast severely misused and manhandled by brutish beasts and even raped, so that those who have been misused could not hold that against me. And despite all this, thou still lovest thy husband and keeps my Word, for an example to the world that they don’t have it so bad. Yea, I have caused thee to be a man that those men have no excuse to say,

“But I have it so hard; I work so hard.”

Yea, I caused thee to go through all kinds of denominations and church doctrines, so that no one would have any excuse, because thou didst overcome. Yea, I caused thee to have a bad temper, a cursing tongue, a desire for cigarettes and booze and parties, so that thou could overcome them for a testimony. Yea, I chose a woman in “subjection to her husband” to be in subjection to the Holy Ghost, and thou didst succeed. Yea, no man can rise up against me in the judgment because thou didst overcome, and truly thy life has been worse than any man’s, for I caused thee to suffer for my glory. Yea, thou suffered and still suffers with pain throughout thy body for those with similar ailments. Yea, it is all for my glory.

And I truly am glorified in thee.

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