The Mystery: I Am Alpha & Omega

The Mystery: I Am Alpha & Omega

There is a Mystery
Is it true that those who desire Perfection are called as Christ to be one with the Father, to rule in his stead?

Is it true that those who attain to Perfection will be complete: Ruling and reigning with Christ now?

There is in the Book of Daniel a mystery never before revealed.
There is in the Book of Revelation the answer.

It is the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end.
The great mystery is solved.

Conclusion and Verdict~

God opened to us the hidden mystery this evening.

It is spring, early evening. Sitting by the fireplace, we are reading from the Book of Daniel. “Look at this.” “It’s the same.” “Just like what is described in….” “But read this in Revelation.” “Oh, my goodness.”

We realized that Daniel saw the same being that John saw in Revelation, but Daniel is shown specifically that this glorified being is actually God’s people. This being is also doing things that you’d expect God himself to do. This was a great revelation. All of a sudden, the scriptures made sense to us. We have found it.

The MYSTERY is solved.

Now we are ready to write the closing argument. All the evidence and testimony points to the revealing of the great mystery: I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.

The Mystery: Alpha & Omega

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