The Root of Sin

The Root of Sin returns man to his origins: why is there a nature that militates against good, against God?

Root of Sin opens the door of understanding in a new, truthful, and scriptural way. Jesus Christ is the Savior. It is his way that changes history, and makes the way to the Father. This is the way for the true Christian: to be free from sin.

In Perfection, we, too, become one with Christ and the Father. By the Holy Ghost we become sinless; that nature we are born with (because of Adam) is removed. We are no longer subject to sin; we are ruling and reigning with Christ. In Perfection we can become sinless. Like Christ.

The Word of God clearly states that Christ is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle, a Perfect Church. This Perfect Church consists of those who have overcome their flesh natures and stand in sinless purity before and in the Father.

The Root of Sin provides new revelation on the origin of sin and a deeper understanding of how it is possible to break completely free from the bondage of sin through the Holy Ghost. For the servants of righteousness, his Sons, who are no longer the servants of sin, death has no power over them.

The Root of Sin Day 4 Poster - Alpha Series

Christ has set us free from sin and death.
This is the Everlasting Gospel.

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