There Are Two Baptisms

There Are Two Baptisms

John never decreased: he failed. And so has the Church.

The issue is two waters: immersion, or rivers of living water? John’s baptism of water is unto repentance only; it never overcomes sin and death. Forgiveness only. Jesus’ baptism is a new and greater water from within. It empowers the Christian to be pure as Jesus is and to do his works; even to raise the dead. God living in man.

This is what the Bride discovered. And from that day on she changed. She experienced that new and living water: The Holy Ghost.

John’s Baptism

I was told by the Father to make a way. I did. I came out of the wilderness dressed in a leathern girdle. “Make straight the way of the Lord,” I said to the multitudes that came out to hear me. I preached that there comes one greater than I. He has a greater baptism: the Holy Ghost and fire. I am not worthy to loose his shoelachet.

I saw what I was told by God I’d see; I saw the Spirit descend and remain upon him. He is the one. My own cousin, Jesus of Nazareth. “Behold the Lamb of God. He takes away the sin of the world.” I was the voice: the witness.

I did not decrease as I said I would. I should have told my disciples to leave me. “Go to him,” I should have said, but I preferred my baptism of repentance, my ministry of water. I was offended in him because he, well he ate with sinners; his disciples did not fast like mine did. Then I doubted. I sent my disciples to inquire of Jesus: are you the one? Yet I had seen the Spirit upon him like a dove.

Then I was beheaded.

Jesus knew why.

Jesus’ Baptism

I came after John, but I was before him: from the beginning. Verily, I say unto you the least in the kingdom is greater than John. And John was the greatest of all prophets.

I never baptized in water. Only my disciples. I baptize in the Holy Ghost; the Spirit does the greater work in you. John understood, but he doubted. Questioned.

John said that he must decrease, and that I must increase; he said that there comes one greater who will baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire. But he was offended in me because I was with publicans and sinners, eating and drinking with them.

The church that subscribes to water baptism only is offended in me. That church will never fulfill the Great Commission as I stated it. Water baptism does not perfect. Only by the Holy Ghost and fire can one become perfect.

By My Baptism.

John is not me.
Neither is his baptism mine.