Perfect Bride

She seeks the Bridegroom: The Journey to receive everlasting life. She is the Bride: I must overcome all temptation. All sin. The determination to continue. The Obstacles. The lesson is to obtain that place: Married.

The Preview of Her Diary

15th Day
Dear Diary

All hope was lost until I asked Jesus to take over. I knew he had heard me when a great peace settled within me. I didn’t think much more could happen than that. I did know that I had found a new Love.

I had accepted an invitation from my Love, Jesus, asking me to come to meet him; to be his bride. I packed immediately and set sail. I boarded a great ship on a journey to meet my Love face to face. Someday we would become one. That meant I would have to be clean and pure, as a bride should be. How could I ever become completely pure?

Among my belongings on the ship was my Holy Bible. It spoke of being baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire and that I would speak in tongues. I would then have the power of Almighty God to overcome sin in my life and have authority over Satan. And the fire would purge me and cleanse me. I knew that I wanted everything God had for me, so I asked for, and received, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I read the Word daily to grow in strength and wisdom.

I thought this voyage across the seas to meet my Love would be a peaceful, calm, smooth, beautiful journey. But all too soon, the sails began to flap harshly back and forth and the deck pitched wildly up and down. What should I do? A voice spoke softly to me, “Hold steady.” Knowing I would meet my Love one day and marry, I realized I could get through any storm. I had left behind my family and friends. My Love was second to nothing or no one.

One day the clouds came rolling in, the winds picked up and an icy rain began to fall. I was tired, cold, discouraged and seasick. I failed to remember to hold steady. Why was I here? Would I ever see my Love? Had I made a mistake? I saw land in the distance. Maybe I should go back. This is too hard! It’s not what I expected! As I leaned over the side, I slipped and fell into the deep waters. Gasping for air and swimming frantically, I tried to stay afloat. Why, oh why, did I look to that land? Soon I could have married my Love. What have I done?

Will I see my Love?

Her Journey Begins in Part 1

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