Paul’s Error

Paul’s Error

Paul’s Error is in the Bible,
the Book of Acts.

The Error~

Paul is determined to go to Jerusalem before going to Rome. The Lord told him he could go to Rome, but he said, “I am going to Jerusalem.” Every place he ministered on the way, the Spirit warned him that he would suffer bondage and prison, but he had made up his own mind. After the Spirit had warned him not to go, he determined that is where he was going – to Jerusalem, Spirit or no Spirit.

Paul’s Error is divided into six journeys, or maps: one, two, and three show his gradual disobedience to the Spirit. Four and five reveal the ERROR. Map six shows God’s will for Paul: finally going to Rome, but bound in chains as a consequence to his disobeying the Spirit. There he dies. Paul was great, but he did not listen.

You will travel with Paul through the Scriptures as Paul’s Error takes you step-by-step over three and a half decades – from early disobedience in Antioch, to Jerusalem where he sins greatly: not even listening to Christ himself. Then to Rome.

There are two ways to view Paul’s Error: (1) you can quickly read it by clicking on the tabs, Maps 1 thru 6. The Summaries will tell what happened; or (2) you can journey through every city by reading the Eventful Cities (and the Uneventful Cities) to see how Paul failed. Either way, it will shake you: Paul the Apostle was disobedient. Though he likely repents, he had to pay a price for his disobedience: death by beheading.


If God will let this happen to Paul,
Will he let it happen to you and me?

Answer: Yes, if we disobey the Holy Ghost

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