Individual Prophecies

 Individual Prophecies 

It is true, GOD has spoken by his prophets from the beginning in Abraham, by Moses, Samuel, Isaiah; out of the mouth of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel to Malachi. Then God sent his Son, Jesus who spoke of his Father, of the Holy Ghost, and of himself: he is the Son of the Most High God. And by his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus fulfilled all of the Father’s will. Now he sent the Spirit, who continues to speak in his Church by his apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers — by his Spirit.

Complete Authority Through Jesus

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever & PerfectChurch know, believe, have seen and do hear GOD speak: “Thus saith the Lord….”

Section One of Individual Prophecies provides glimpses into the manner and order of what God spoke individually to The Church of Jesus Christ Forever.

As true Christians, who among us can refuse the Spirit of God speaking? The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.


Rev. Kale F. Aluli
Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs
Eric D. Jacobs
Rev. Rick C. Ryland
Rev. Laurie J. Ryland
Rev. Ramona L. Rinaldo
Rev. Michael J. Ryland
Rev. Joyce A. Mallette
Rev. Robert A. James
Rev. Roselani M. Aluli-James
Rev. Joshua D. James
Rev. Elisha I. Rinaldo-Kaneali'i
Keli'i A. Kaneali'i
Rev. Jessica L. Throw
Rev. Ruth A. Miller
Dwight E. Miller
Rev. Candice L. Morris
Rev. Erika L. James
Faith E. Crissman
Phillip J. Crissman
Michael S. Singh
Rev. Sharon M. Fisher
Judy K. Culley

Adult Youth

Abigail M. Miller
Rev. Justin T. Jacobs
Rev. June M. Jacobs
Joy E. Ryland
Michelle R. Ryland
Danielle A. Rinaldo
Jasmine C. Jacobs
Jamie A. Morris
David V. Miller
Samantha R. Ryland


Cody L. Crissman
Andrew R. Crissman
Kenya R. Throw
Austin J. Crissman
Eliza R. Crissman
Kayla A. Throw
Kaeokai S. Jacobs
Alexus J. James
Elikai J. Aluli-James
JohnB J. James
Liliuokalani R. Aluli-James
Jarrod R. D. James