Just Jesus

Just Jesus

Just Jesus is the presentation of Jesus’ words, red letter, taken from the New Testament, principally the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Because Jesus, as the Alpha and Omega, often speaks in the book of Revelation, his words in this last book are included.

What can the Christian learn from Jesus’ words only?

PerfectChurch.com recommends word studies based on Jesus’ red letter content. For example, what did Jesus say about marriage or faith? Just Jesus offers ten initial studies to the serious Christian.

List of Studies



FAITH is certainty without tangible proof. Trust. Belief in God.
Read Jesus’ words on FAITH

The Father

THE FATHER with the Word, who is his Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost created all things. He is Almighty, all knowing, all powerful, all loving, Perfect. He is our Father.
Read Jesus’ words on THE FATHER


HELL is the eternal fiery judgment for souls departed from God. It is in the center of the earth.
Read Jesus’ words on HELL

The Holy Ghost

THE HOLY GHOST is the Spirit of God. By Jesus’ baptism, he dwells within God’s people. He is the Comforter, a fire to purge the flesh, and a guide to all truth.
Read Jesus’ words on THE HOLY GHOST


JUDGE is acting righteously – as God would act – to assess a situation and present the proper conclusion in Christ.
Read Jesus’ words on JUDGE


LIFE is the opposite of death. The words of Jesus are life.
Read Jesus’ words on LIFE


LOVE is complete giving with no thought of self, but only a desire to please the loved one.
Read Jesus’ words on LOVE


MARRIAGE is the joining together of a man and a woman by God, by which they become one flesh.
Read Jesus’ words on MARRIAGE

Old Testament Quotes

OLD TESTAMENT QUOTES Jesus knew the Scriptures. He quotes them often, knowing the importance of the everlasting sacred Word of God.


SIN is any disobedience to God. Sin brings death.
Read Jesus’ words on SIN

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