Her Prophecies

The Words of the Lord

given by the Holy Ghost to Rose M. Aluli

Roses Bloom - Day 2 Poster - Alpha Series

The archives of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever contain more than 600 words of the Lord to Rose. Rose’s Prophecies features some of them.

Rose waited on the Spirit. She only moved in the direction of the leading of the Spirit. God sent many men and women to speak to her under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

As a minister of the Gospel, she saw many words of the Lord fulfilled.

Prophecies to Rose

Two Sections

God chose Rose to lead a people into Perfection. She revered his Word: in the Bible, and as spoken by the Holy Ghost in Prophecy. The Church of Jesus Christ Forever, PerfectChurch.com, has in its archives over six hundred words from God to Rose. Prophecies to Rose is a record of some of those great words of prophecy: God speaking directly to her through men and women moved upon BY THE HOLY GHOST.

Blessed be his holy Name.