God’s Only Plan – The Revealing

God’s Only Plan was supernaturally given to Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs by the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Here is her account.

The Revealing

In the early morning, on a day appointed by the Father, the Holy Ghost moved upon me. As I quieted myself before the Lord, I picked up the Bible and opened it. I began reading in Genesis, and in one sweeping moment the Spirit revealed and I could see the beginning and the end of his plan: from Genesis to Revelation. The Holy Ghost flooded me with scriptures to confirm my understanding. I did not even need to look for them; as soon as God would give an insight, he supernaturally led me right to the supporting scriptures. I would no sooner have a thought then I would find myself reading at that precise place in the Word.

As I sat in his overwhelming presence, I wrote as quickly as I could, concerned that I would miss some of the scriptures that he was revealing to me so rapidly.  As I continued, the quantity of the scriptures and the complexity of the message became very apparent. Almost overwhelmed, I asked the Father, “How can I, because of the magnitude, make this simple enough, yet thorough enough, for all to understand?” Soon God gave me a vision illustrating how to make his plan simple to understand. He instructed me to use it as a visual aid.

As the day went on, the Spirit and the presence of the Lord continued until the late evening. I had over 200 scripture verses detailing this day of revealing. His Only Plan was finished.

Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs
Rev. Jacqueline S. Jacobs

Rev. Jackie Jacobs taught God’s Only Plan to The Church the next day.
Her teaching took approximately 5 1/2 hours.
She began with this

The Prayer

I pray that thy Holy Ghost give the understanding of the word that you have given me. God, I would that all men would hear this. If all men could see it, they would know what you are all about. God, today I pray: Holy Ghost, that you take this to the hearts today. Take it where you will, Holy Ghost, and plant it in that ready ground that it would bring forth fruit.

Father, thank you.
Thank you for today. Thank you for showing us that you have planned this day. And once again we see thy greatness. And I thank you for giving us the Holy Ghost, Father, who knows all things, when we know nothing. God, lead us I pray, constantly by thy Spirit.

In Christ I pray, Father.  Amen.

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