Article 1: Dedication & Purpose

Article 1: Dedication and PurposeArticle 1: Dedication & Purpose

Whereas Jesus is the Beginning and the End and We are in him, as the Alpha and Omega, to be the visible expression of God and his representatives here on earth, so are we “Christ in us the hope of glory”:

Whereas Rose is the First Manifested Son of God, who overcame all things, thus attaining to the perfection written of in the Holy Scriptures; and is granted to sit with Jesus in his throne, in the Father:

Whereas Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect,” (Matthew 5:48):

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever,
thus and therefore, states:

Section 1: that She is dedicated to the Kingdom of God in all manner of truth according to the Holy Ghost;

Section 2: that She is built on the Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone;

Section 3: that She is fully dedicated to the Will of the Father;

Section 4: that such dedication demands a full and complete commitment to the study and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures;

Section 5: that in all matters pertaining to God and reverence, the primacy of the Spirit must prevail, for all Authority comes from God;

Section 6: that God, by his Word, is requiring a perfect Church: One without spot, wrinkle, or blemish;

Section 7: that such a Church is now possible because of Jesus Christ and the Father sending the Holy Ghost; and because Rose M. Aluli, a fully dedicated Woman of the Most High God who was without sin, taught and lived Perfection.

Thus, the purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ Forever is to bring about a Perfect Church in and as The Body of Christ, Jesus Christ being the Head.

Thus, the dedication of The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is open to all Men, Women and Children who so believe; and shall not refuse any who so believe.


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