is the Christian web site that God the Father gave to The Church of Jesus Christ Forever. His message is the Gospel of the Kingdom, Perfection in his beloved son: Christ Jesus. is the royal and holy commission given to The Church of Jesus Christ Forever to establish the testimony of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1980 by Rev. Rose M. Aluli and continued in 1992 by her husband, Rev. Kale F. Aluli, The Church presents Perfection: to be in the exact image and likeness of Jesus, without sin and conquerors over death, to all who love God, to all who are called according to his purpose. presents the “HOW” to become perfect in Him. No other church claims this: complete redemption – spirit, soul and body – according to God’s Holy Word, and lives it: no sin!

All scriptures quoted in are from the King James Authorized Version (1611). Inspired by the Holy Ghost, is based on the seven days of Creation as found in the Book of Genesis. The Seven days are God’s Only Plan, Where Roses Bloom, The Perfect Bride, The Root of Sin, The Church Constitution, The Songs, and His Words. An Eighth day was added: The Sons of God.

The Church of Jesus Christ Forever dedicates this web site to the glory of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Holy Ghost. Blessed be the Lord God forever and ever, Amen.

Brief History

1908 A shepherd girl is born in North Dakota: Rosella Mabel Miller. 1918 God audibly speaks to Rose. 1952 Rose is supernaturally given the call of “as Moses.” 1960 A prophecy is given to Rose: “I will establish my true Church in this town,” saith the Lord, “and the building that I shall give you will be a white, cement block building.” 1964 – 1975 Rose is ordained. By diligent study and the Holy Ghost, she receives the Life Message. 1976 A small Bible Study begins in Rockford, IL. 1978 God removes an unscrupulous pastor and establishes Rose as the Pastor. She teaches the Holy Bible. 1979 The Bible Study relocates to Oregon, IL. 1980 The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is established. God moves on a stranger to give Rose a building: it is a white, cement block structure. She incorporates The Church under Illinois state law. 1981 Kale Aluli is ordained and placed as Assistant Pastor. 1985 The Church acquires Maxson Manor, a large restaurant seating 425. 1989 A new riverboat is built in Palatka, FL. A restaurant patron says to name it Rose of Rock River. 1990 Kale and Rose marry in Florida. 1992 Rose passes on; The Church splits. Kale becomes Pastor. Two crooked elders claim Church properties; a ten-year legal battle begins. 1997 The Church applies for and receives 501(c)(3) status with the United States Department of the Treasury. 2000 – 2004 2004 A prophecy comes forth that “God will settle us on Kaua’i.” 2005 Nine leave to build on Kaua’i. 1980 – to Present: The Church of Jesus Christ Forever is perfected.

The Perfect Scriptures

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